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"ShihuruvilleP3" by Shihuru on 06.18.2008
Our unfortunate soldiers have survived second night in Shihuruville but can they survive another in the outskirts of the town?
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Subject: Shihuruville Map Pack [ForgeHub]

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This is the Shihuruville map pack, which includes the last 2 parts of the Shihuruville trilogy.
Shihuruville P3
Shihuruville P2
Shihuruville P1

Download required Gametype:
T-Virus Alpha

The story of Shihuruville:
Shihuruville is a city that was a test site for a malicious company called; Traxus Co. Traxus Co. tested their first T-virus in a small town in Shihuruville. The test went horribly wrong and all affected persons mutated into a zombie like creature and escaped the test area. Traxus Co. launched a strike team of soldiers to combat the infection, in an attempt to stabilize it. While the soldiers went out to stop the infection, Traxus Co. created another, even more powerful virus called, T-Virus Alpha and tested in Shihuruville's city district. The city district had a significantly higher population and thus giving the soldiers an even harder task of eradicating the infection threat. As the soldiers approach the city district of Shihuruville, they have seen a wide range of destruction and despair. Almost immediately the soldiers have realized that Traxus Co. were the culprits and broke all relations with them. Now the bands of soldiers have to play a game of cat and mouse with Traxus Co.’s deadly creation. They survived the first night in Shihuruville’s rural district, and they managed to escape Shihuruville’s densely populated city district the second night, but will they survive a third night in Shihuruville’s most tightly quartered outskirts? It’s up to you to finish the fight!

Shihuruville P3
The outskirts of Shihuruville is the final place the soldiers need to stop the T-Virus infection and escape the dreadful city of Shihuruville. But escaping this part of town won’t be easy. With some of the tightest quarters the soldiers seen in their lives, it won’t be a walk in the park, as if it has been this whole time.
Our soldiers have found an abandoned military headquarters in a remote part of the outskirts. Low on ammo, they quickly search for any weapons and ammo kits that may still reside there. Meanwhile, at Traxus Co.’s third lab, two T-Virus test subjects has managed to escape the facility and infect the last survivors located at the outskirts. With the T-Virus now lurking in every corner of the area, the soldiers need to use every bit of skill they have at their disposal and take down these infected foes. Oil tankers can be use as very effective boobie traps. Some soldiers aren’t as aggressive as others, and favors taken out the enemy from a secured fortification, such as the houses found in the outskirts, this particular house has a bocany in which the soldiers can safely fire from. In order for the soldiers to successfully fight against the T-Virus and all of its victims, they’ll need to utilize the defensive powers of abandoned military blockades. There are 2 known blockades in the area. One located North of the abandoned military HQ and one located west. Using these areas correctly will guarantee you your safety. But there are others in which you need to avoid, like the old industrial yard.


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  • 06.24.2008 5:21 PM PDT
Subject: Shihuruville Map Pack
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Community Reviewer: Falconx03
Map Review-

Description: 5/5
Pictures: 5/5
Map Idea: 4/5
Map Quality {layout}: 4.5/5
Map Quality {looks}: 4.5/5

Comments: The description is amazing and thoroughly detailed. The pictures im pretty sure show everything i would need to see. The map idea is awesome but small town area infection maps have been done before, but yours is very different so you got 4/5. The layout is great but still, i notice some places that could have been interlocked to help pull the map together a little more, but generally great with the rest of the layout. The map overall look amazing but like the layout, lacks the forge tricks

Overall: 4/5

Want another map reviewed? Want to become a reviewer? Message me.

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  • 06.24.2008 5:31 PM PDT

awesome I love infection and I was waiting for someone to make an infection map pack. Good Job.

  • 06.24.2008 6:25 PM PDT


5/5 Just the background info on the level made me want to play. Oh, and love the destruction sites, gives it a more realistic feeling.

  • 06.25.2008 12:20 AM PDT
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Best map i have seen in a while :) This really deserves more downloads!
U should change the main screenshot - it doesn't show the good parts of the map

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  • 07.03.2008 7:59 AM PDT

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