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"The Hippodrome" by VICIOUS VICE on 06.22.2008
An arena created solely for chariot races. [REQUIRES BRUTE BURNOUT GAMETYPE]
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Brute Burnout [NEW ROCKET RACE] The Hippodrome

First there was Rocket Race now there is Brute Burnout


Special Thanks to LIGHTSOUT225 & G043R

Inspiration: That is quite simple I'm an avid Rocket Racer and i always want to play it on Foundry. Since rocket launchers are just to powerful for such a small arena and I'm an advocate of the bruteshot it was quite simple to just mix both. I also wanted to make a multi-level area focusing more on the vertical than horizontal.

Description: The arena is perfectly symmetrical with 3 seperate floors.
The first floor has 4 ramps and 2 large sets of stairs to help you reach the second floor. On the first floor there are many colums and signs to protect you from incoming bruteshots the draw back is that it requires precise navigation. The second floor is completly open and hold a pallet bridge on each side, man-cannon to transfer you from side to side. The 2nd floor also has 2 "wave bridges" made of of fences to help you reach the 3rd floor which is miniscule compared to the other floors. Messing up on reaching the 3rd floor usually end with you falling to the ground below.

Information: Each team is made up of 2 players and a maximum of 4 teams. (Teams MUST be Red, Blue, Green or Orange) Every VIP starts a bruteshot, 2 spike grenades, a bubble shield and 1 mongoose. (use it wisely)

Anti-Grief System: Since grieving is such a problem in Rocket Race ive taken time to stop this in Brute Burnout. 1st the VIP is invunerable has 50% speed and 200% gravity which means you wont be jumping to get the out of reach desination. 2nd The VIP Proximity Traits, as long as your driver is near the VIP he is also invulnerable. But, if the driver is more than 10 meters away he will turn white, gain a waypoint above him (visible to everyone) and be vulnerable to attack. So remeber if you get knocked off your mongoose focus on finding it and your teammate, it could mean the difference between victory and death.

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  • 06.22.2008 4:08 PM PDT

looks like fun

  • 07.02.2008 6:33 AM PDT

Anybody want a peanut?


  • 07.10.2008 3:58 PM PDT
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This looks nice but WALLRIDER will always be better. pure racing is better then getting -blam!- shot around a small ass map like foundry!

  • 07.22.2008 4:19 AM PDT

one of the coolest maps and gametypes evar

  • 12.11.2008 2:20 AM PDT

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