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"Dr. Spy Arena" by Creep1ng De4th on 06.29.2008
For Dr.Spy Gametype
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Subject: Dr.Spy
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*You need the gametype to play this map*

Download Dr.Spy Gametype here: Dr. Spy

This map and gametype is inspired by a CTF game I used to play in gym class. It's a combination of capture the flag and dodgeball with a few twists.
In the real game there is 2 opposing teams and each team has balls for throwing, a flag, a doctor, and a spy.
The flag and balls are pretty self explanatory, try to capture the flag without being hit and knocked out. But here's the twist:
Both teams have a spy and only the spy can cross the line and try to capture the flag. Nobody else can cross the line for any reason. Also, both teams have a doctor. The doctor had the power to go to the knocked out players and drag them back(with a rolling board of some sort,not sure what it was called) behind the flag to be revived and let back in the game. So as you could imagine, games could get quite hectic with balls flying around,people being dragged back and revived, and spies capturing flags.

My Halo variant is a play on that game,fit the best I could into the Halo world.
The arena is symmetrical with both sides having an almost exact looking counterpart. There are one or two very small aesthetic differences, but the main geometry is exactly the same. What you will be seeing on the map as far as weapons and powerups are as follows:
- BR start, magnum secondary
- 1 Shotgun w/ 1 clip, respawn 90 seconds
- 1 Sniper w/ 1 clip, respawn 90 seconds
- 1 Regenerator, respawn 10 seconds
- 1 overshield, respawn 60 seconds
- 1 Custom powerup, respawn 60 seconds (spy powers,more on that later)
- 1 Mongoose

The arena itself offers ample cover and is split down the middle by fence walls. This allows you to shoot the other team without crossing over if you are normal. All normal players are gold colored and show overshields making it easier to see who you are shooting at and also to confuse the other team if you are caught off guard on the wrong side (untested,might change if it doesn't work well). Players are also set at 75% gravity and 90% power with 2x overshields and 50% shield regeneration. This means that once you are depleted you will recover much slower than normal and this is where the doctor comes in. Since I can't make only 1 player be the doctor like the real game, all players are able to pick up regens and be shooters and doctors. Helping your teammates recover will be vital since you only have 3 lives per round, so make them count!

Now onto the cool part,the Spies. Spies gain the following abilities when the custom powerup is used:

Good Camo
Increased speed
Increased gravity to enable jumping over the line to grab the flag
500% power (to make up for lack of shields since shields counteract Camo)

I recommend determining who is the Spy before the match, that way you can focus on the task at hand but if you wanna switch it up feel free. Right now the game lasts 3 (4 minute max) rounds with 3 scores to win a round. Enjoy!

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Forgers R' Us

We forge for you.

Am I right in saying this game has honour rules?

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why does the spy have 500% power and not just increased damage resistance? And why does the custom powerup respawn every 60 seconds, doesnt that mean that anybody could pick it up and be the spy (like have 2 or 3 spies at once)?

  • 08.06.2008 10:48 AM PDT

those that can't see... have a bad connection.

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sounds cool :D


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My account damaniak qc is banned but i dont know why.bungie can you recover my account and if you cant do that please give me reasons for what im banned.

  • 12.20.2008 12:43 PM PDT

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