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"Evenball" by Debo37 on 06.30.2008
Beating people down with the ball scores you points, but killing any other way loses you points. Awkward!
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Destiny awaits. And it will be great.

Evenball Gametype

This is not a game of mindless killing. In fact, this game is designed to make people think. If you're truly twelve years old and wondering what this is, I can easily tell you right here and right now that this is not the gametype for you. It involves thinking, which is something a lot of people seem to be incapable of.

Because the default FFA Oddball gametype sucks major nads and makes "running away" a desirable strategy, my friends and I devised a better game utilizing the gametype back at a LAN a few months ago. When I made the map Breezeway, I realized that this gametype would be great for it, so I redesigned Evenball a little bit and gave the ball carrier a little extra damage resistance.

The name "Evenball" is a clever mutation of the Oddball name, as it is almost the opposite of normal Oddball. In Evenball, you can only score points by beating people down with the ball in your hands. Killing anyone that's not carrying the ball results in you losing points, so you must be careful as to who you shoot. Of course, the gametype gets even more complicated. If you're shooting the ball carrier, and they drop the ball (while you finish the kill), you'll lose points for having killed a non-ball carrier. This type of scenario leads to many awkward standoffs and harsh betrayals by those you consider to be your best friends, and if you're playing with anyone else in the room, you'll more than likely attempt to punch them at times for being evil and mean.

Evenball promotes dick moves and shenaniganry, and even complex thinking, many things you don't find in a typical Halo gametype. Which is why I recommend you download it.

Scoring Methodology:
Kill Points: -5
Ball Kill Points: 10
Ball Carrier Kill Points: 5
Score to Win: 50

Because of this system, killing someone by beating them down with the Ball will net you +5 points. Killing the Ball Carrier will earn you 0 points. Killing anyone other than the Ball Carrier in any other way than beating them down with the Ball will get you -5 points.

The point loss system is in place to prevent idiots from ruining the experience for everyone by killing other people as they run toward the Oddball. It also allows for strategic opportunities. If someone lets a stray shot fly at you, you can use a frag/plasma grenade for a quick suicide that will be credited as a kill for the person who shot at you (if you commit suicide fast enough). As such, Evenball is ridiculous on Guardian or any map with fall-deaths - if anyone shoots you out of turn, jump off the side to sabotage their score! Turning a 10-point play is something very satisfying; beat someone down with the ball and then drop it and suicide to reduce their score by 5 points! Hope that someone else doesn't pick your dropped Ball up and hit you with it though. ;) Because of this underhanded (and therefore immensely strategic!) tactic, Evenball should be played on maps that have at least 1 one-hit KO weapon that can be used to immediately dislodge the Ball from its carrier (Hammer, Shotgun, Sword, Laser, Rockets, Sniper, Beam Rifle, etc.).

Download Evenball Gametype

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  • 12.08.2008 3:45 PM PST


holy -blam!- Im so downloading this!

  • 07.30.2009 9:46 AM PST

hehe i liked how you made fun of idiots everyone always shoots first anytime they see something

  • 07.30.2009 1:16 PM PST

very smart, noobs will be pissed, nothing better than someone screamiing in the mic OMG OMG I SOOOO KILLED THAT GUYS BUT IT GAVE ME MINUS 5 OMG!

  • 07.30.2009 6:18 PM PST

Posted by: teh1maggot
Posted by: booming ben
i know but they also make a glitch for a reason dumbo


you dont MAKE a glitch, genius

you sir are a genius!

many internets to you

  • 08.01.2009 5:11 AM PST

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