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"Spec-Ops" by Shell Shock264 on 07.10.2008
Mercenaries are deployed on this platform to protect valuable data...For use with my Splinter Cell gametype.
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  • Map: Blackout
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Subject: Spec-Ops v1
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Download gametype here
Im pretty sure there are things similar to this, but i dont think it has been done like this before. Its a spy game where one person is the spy that needs to get the data at the marked point. The mercs need to find and kill the agent before he does. There is a gloomy FX to make the whole map darker, so the agent really can hide. There is a catwalk/scaffolding I have put near the merc base, as shown in pics below. There is one part where you can see through the windows from outside, so you know where camping mercs are before you go in.

Gametype below.

Map details-

This is a blackout map with the gloomy filter FX to make it darker. There is plenty of cover around the map. There is a catwalk that goes from under the other catwalk next to the lift room. It leads under the other catwalk, then wraps around the sniper base, where you can see through the windows in the merc base. It then leads to the area where the sword was.

Item placement- Weapons do not respawn, so use your ammo wisely. There a few weapons around the map with a little ammo in them. There are various BR placements around hte map, in which the spy can het a new toy or the mercs can replinish ammo. The shotgun is in the sniper tower on the second floor next to the hole. There are pistols on the catwalk corner and on the platforms next to the lift. There is a sniper in the box next to the merc spawn. Two smgs are in the bottom lift room next to the crate. An assault rifle is in the middle room next to the crate. There is a single frag grenade at the end of the hallway under the middle room, directly under the hole. There is a firebomb grenade on the top floor in the middle of the map. There are two flares on the siper tower, which can be used to spot the spy.

Gameplay details-

This map needs my Splinter Cell gametype to work properly. In the pre-game lobby, one person is sent to red team to be the spy. Everyone else goes to blue team to be the mercs. The spy's job is to infiltrate the platform and steal the data. How he does that does not matter, whether its sneaking through or killing all the mercs. The merc's job is to find and kill the spy before he gets the data. The spy gets a point for getting to the piont, and the mercs win by killing the spy.
VIP, No sheilds, no starting grenades, red forced color black, blue forced color white.

Known issues-
Occasionaly the blue team has the VIP, resulting in one merc and alot of spies.If this happens, start a new round.
If you look directly at someone, their nametag pops up, whether you know theyre there or not.

Screenshots are here. (these were taken without the filter on so you can actually see.The real map is darker.)

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  • 07.10.2008 10:03 AM PDT
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just played this with a few of my friends, just wanted to say that it is awesome. 5/5

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  • 07.12.2008 9:57 AM PDT
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this sounds really cool ill try it out

  • 02.18.2009 6:57 PM PDT

Do you have any pictures of the map?

  • 03.22.2009 8:26 PM PDT

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