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"Sky Fortress" by KalicoKaiju on 10.07.2007
A mysterious floating fortress appears... whats left to do but capture its flag?
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Subject: A fortress appears above the sky a second time! Much more balanced ...
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Ok so here it is, the more balanced, more entertaining version of Sky Fortress. I have played it a few times with my friends and have tried to balance it as best as I can. The idea of this map is that a UNSC base has been set up (attackers) with a strange floating fortress that appears in the distance. As the attacking team you must make your way to the floating base and capture their most precious item....a flag (next to the headlight fluid).

Custom gametype for it found in my fileshare here called Base Jumping.

There are three distinct ways onto the base, two sides where you can jump off and the "vaulting-porter". I have provided a bit of cover in the form of boxes on the way back to the base if you are an attacker to provide cover from sniper fire. To see where all the weapons are and how to use the "vault-porter" check the video walkthrough.

A few strategies:
Defenders: You have a bubble shield and trip mine readily available and can be quite useful. Don't forget about the main turret on the base, but be careful as you are exposed to plenty of fire from the attacker's missile pod and sniper. All your main weapons are underneath you, but off to the left of your base and out a little bit is a station with a covie sniper and ghost for either team to use... get to them first. Cover your sides and watch out for the "vault-porter" too.

Attackers: You have a sniper, so get to it and have someone look out for you. Don't pass up the missile pod either, it can be used to clear out the base and kill the turret. There is a very helpful custom powerup in the sand bunker off to the right(use with custom gametype). If you're having trouble getting to the base by conventional means, use the sort of hidden "vault-porter" in the temple to the right along with a sword. There are also plenty of annoying pieces of equipment for you to use too such as a grav lift, radar jammer and flare all on the map to use to your advantage! Also try and use the mongooses to get under the base or outside teleporter to wait for the flag guy so they don't have to walk all the way back!

There is a walkthrough video available here


Oooh there it is, looming in the distance! How dazzling!

Quick! Use those boxes for cover from enemy fire!

Whooooooosh! Surprise attack from the "vault-porter". Look out!

You've been blasted! Escaping isn't so easy!

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  • 10.07.2007 9:52 PM PDT
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kudos on your description

  • 10.07.2007 9:59 PM PDT
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Nice. May I ask what method you used to get your fortress into the air?

  • 10.08.2007 1:43 PM PDT

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that si cool but i know how to do that and i would only play on that map for about 2mins then be done with it

  • 10.08.2007 1:44 PM PDT

Yes it is spelt like that on purpose.

I will give it a try.

  • 10.08.2007 1:48 PM PDT


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