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"ZombieTreeHouse" by CactusHugger x on 07.14.2008
Remake of MY TREE HOUSE. Same elevator but you activate yourself! Now infested with zombies! Use Living Dead game variant.
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Subject: If you like HauntedManor, you will like this!ZombieTreeHouse. 500+d...

l | --------____.`=====.-.~:________\___|================[oo]

Watch the YouTube video!



This map is used for zombies. just like haunted manor, it has random stuff on the ground to make it look haunted. It includes an elevator but you will have to wait for the elevator gravity lifts to spawn in 20 seconds. this is so you cant go up there and spawn kill once the zombies come out. but after the 20 seconds are up... go underneath where the elevator and pick up a gravity lift and put it on the crate. it will go through it and will lift you up to the tree house. there is a turret but it wont spawn until 60 seconds.there is a hidden flame thrower on top of the roof. there is only one way to get to it. go to the turret and face the opposite way the turret is facing. jump on the roof and take a left turn. follow the roof until your on its side. then go up to your right until your on top of the roof. if you look to the left... you will se a flame thrower. do what you please with it. if you downloaded my original tree house map... you will noticed that you can go under the stairs. you still can but if you stay there more than 120 secconds fusion coils will spawn and so will a propane tank. the zombies hit the propane tank and it will blow up the fusion coils and kill you.


Battle Rifle - 1
Shotgun - 1
Sniper Rifle - 1 (1 clip)
SMG - 2
Magnum - 2
Plasma Rifle - 1
Needler - 1
Brute Shot - 1
Covenant Carbine - 1
Mauler - 1
Beam Rifle - 1
Sentinel Beam - 1
Machine Gun Turret - 1
Flamethrower - 1


Frags - 2
Plasmas - 4
Spikes - 4
Firebomb - 2
Gravity Lift - 1
Overshield - 1
Active Camo - 1
Custom Powerup - 1 (overshield and active camo ahah)


Mongoose - 2


Humans - 17 (defenders)
Zombies - 18 (attackers)


Human Traits - normal sheilds, spawns with assault rifle (rest are unchanged/normal)
Zombie Traits - 50 damage resistance, no shields, spawns with energy sword, infinite ammo, player speed 300, player gravity 50, enhanced sensor in 10 meters, appearence black/ no waypoint

Last man traits - sheild recharge 110 faster, infinite ammo, speed 110, gravity 150 (heavier), enhanced sensors in 150 meters, appearence visible to everyone/white

Next Zombie - Random

4 rounds

Tree House Base
Overview 1
Overview 2
Overview 3
Zombie Spawn
this and this spawn in 20 seconds for elevator.

[Edited on 09.29.2008 2:30 PM PDT]

  • 07.17.2008 1:39 PM PDT
Subject: If you like haunted manor... you will like this! ZombieTreeHouse

I can has chezburgr?

looks awesome. Dling now

  • 07.17.2008 2:30 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Looks like a really good infection map. Definitely que'd. The only thing that looks like it could be fixed is the exterior area, some areas look rather bare (behind and on the sides of the tree house).

  • 07.17.2008 3:33 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

everything is good but the interlocked turret. I hate that so much. I always end up falling out of the buildings and stuff.

  • 07.17.2008 3:53 PM PDT

Hey, I downloaded your map, and it's pretty sweet!!!
Check out my new map. Run For Safety

  • 07.17.2008 4:31 PM PDT


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