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"Minas Tirith V3" by A Taco Bell on 07.18.2008
Use MT Territories, MT Bomb, or MT CTF gametypes. 8-16 players.
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Subject: Minas Tirith map from lord of the rings (Version 3) (INTERLOCKED)

----Minas Tirith Map----



Thanks and Happy Forging

NOTICE: Do not try to steal map by adding 1 item to it or something like that. I have all the videos since I started making it. You will probably be caught if you post it.

ALSO: After if you download tell me if you like the gametypes.



Version 1.0
Works with CTF

Version 2.0
Works with CTF and Territories

Version 3.0
Works with all



MT Bomb

MT Territories




Description: 3 rounded walls made with interlocking. Each wall is one story higher. Side gates open for 60 seconds where horses (mongooses) are so you can ride out and defend the outside as long as you can if you want to. The side gates then close and can't be opened. The main gate is filled with pallets like a wall. Pallets can be destroyed. Use gametype in fileshare. Weapons are snipers and swords. (Swords & Arrows) It is capture the flag the difference is the flag spawns at orc base and you have to carry flag into the castle to score. It is also territories and you have to capture them. Last it is assault where you plant the bomb in the base. Custom powerups launch the catupults. The powerups dont do anything to make you stronger. Catupults actually do sometimes splatter people. VERY FUN.

Please download

-TheShawnMan (Bnet) or A Taco Bell (Gamertag)

(Descriptions will change from time to time)



Version 3 screenshots will be posted soon.

Orc Base 1
Orc Base 2
Horses (mongooses)
Catupult Launched
Damage From Catupult

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  • 07.22.2008 1:53 PM PDT
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see the thing is the stair case isnt in the front theirs two of them on the "sides...not the front..and most people that make this map dosnt make it right..i play lord. all the time. and this dosnt look like it at all!

  • 07.23.2008 9:59 AM PDT

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Map Review-

Description: 5/5
Pictures: 5/5
Map Idea: 4.5/5
Map Quality {layout}: 4/5
Map Quality {looks}: 4.5/5

Comments: A great map. Stays pretty true to the film, and is well made. This is a really good map for games with a big party (using the gametype). The only problem would be that it is pretty easy to snipe the 'orks' as they run towards the base, which can make the game slightly one sided as it can take a while until they actually make it into the base and can get to the objective. Other than that a great map.

Overall: 4.5/5

~I Carter I
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  • 07.24.2008 6:53 AM PDT
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Finally a minas tirith map , can u make throne of erebor?

  • 07.25.2008 1:31 PM PDT
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Lol, not too shabby ^_^ I Like it

  • 09.06.2008 12:45 PM PDT


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