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"The Ire of Fire" by Felipe dos on 07.20.2008
They weren't able to build a wall that would contain this terror... 4-12 players «Felipe dos»
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: The Ire of Fire! Playable Dragon! (3000+ Downloads)


This is my first competitive map, yes, (despite the sculptures)competitive map to have been published to the forums, called The Ire of Fire.

Here is a link to the Forgehub thread on this map.

Backstory(just cause)
The secret UNSC military expiriments taking place in VOI South Factory Complex 09 were always said to be unethical by those who knew about it, but were never thought to be dangerous. It wasn't until the expirimental F.I.R.E. (Finite Infernal Repulsing Entity) Program malfunctioned that the true horrors of what the scientists had created became apparent. The F.I.R.E. Program was initially designed to combat the resilient Covenant Scarabs, but the artificial intelligence used in the dragon-like machine was not capable of separating its views of violence from those of loyalty.

Immediately the robot began showing agression towards all signs of life. The residents of the factory made an effort to control it, but with each passing day the machine grew more and more intelligent. In time it effortlessly escaped and, for reasons unknown, remained hell-bent on destroying those who created it. A war was waged between the dragon and its humans. No amount of firepower the military was willing to use would stop it. The factory workers, unable to escape, constructed an enormous wall to protect themselves from the monster. After dozens of casualties and days of brutal attacks, the engineers' designs finally proved positive as the dragon showed that it truly was a finite entity. Its joints slowly grinded to a halt as the life force in the machine simply faded away as it was intended to do.

The machine still remains frozen as it was when this war ended, the light in its eyes eerily pulsating. The factory was re-opened for examination after years of being quarantined. Signs of the past battle can be found in the overturned vehicles and various weapons scattered about the facility. The dragon sits immovable as it was in its last moments of life, attempting to tear the humans' wall down with its left arm, the right arm scarred beyond repair. This building has now become somewhat of a monument to the horrors of what man can create. It will always remind those who lived in the year 2552 of the ire of F.I.R.E.

The Ire of Fire, despite the aesthetic-looking dragon, is a totally playable map. This is fitted with all gametypes. The map as a whole is split into two sides, attackers and defenders. Both sides are then divided into two different sections.

The defenders will mainly start here, in the belly of the dragon. This is the usual defence base. The belly leads up through the throat to the mouth of the dragon through the grav lift.
Inside Dragon

One of the main entrances to the dragon is it's stumpped right arm. This is both easy to defend and to access.
Left entrance

The other main entrance to the dragon is it's right arm, beginning with an enormous claw.

Here is the opening in the claw. The opening leads into the right arm, which is hollow, and brings players into the dragon's belly.
Claw's entrance

Next to the dragon sits a garage-like structure that holds the defenders' ghost. This structure can be climed in order to access the attacker side and the top of the wall
Defence ghost

Here we see the second half of the defence side, separated from the first half by the dragon's arm. The fuel rod gun and overshield are key components to this section. Two firebomb grenades and a battle rifle also spawn here.
Defence 2nd side

The next major part of the map is the attacking side. This part, like the defence, is also split into two sections.

The first section is a "shotgun base". This is where the shotgun, active cammo, two plasma rifles, two firebomb grenades, the attackers' ghost, and energy drainer spawn.
Shotgun base(there is an error with this image. It will have to be seen very small)

The second section of the attacking side houses a needler, two SMGs, and a bubble shield. The main feature here is the large staircase leading to the top of an enormous wall.
Stair base

Of course, if the attacking and defending sides are separated, there has to be something separating them. And on Foundry, we know that's not going to be a large distance. Instead players are confronted with this wall, spanning across the entire map and three boxes high. This is highly interlocked to minimize bumps. On the top of this wall spawn two Battle Rifles and a Spartan Laser, which will effectively combat the two ghosts on the map. Both sides are given equal opportunity to get to the top of this wall. The defenders can run up the dragon's fingers and the attackers can use the large staircase.
The Wall

Action Screens
Fuel Rod Gun

Weapons, Equipment, and Vehicles list
1 Needler ( 2 spare clips, 90 second respawn)
2 SMGs (2 spare clips, 45 second respawn)
6 Battle Rifles (2 spare clips, 60 second respawn
1 Fuel Rod Gun (1 spare clip, 120 second respawn)
2 Assault Rifles (Because you're bound to run out of ammo)
2 Plasma Rifles (45 second respawn)
1 Shotgun (1 spare clip, 120 second respawn)
1 Plasma Cannon (120 second respawn)
1 Flamethrower (Symmetrical, 180 second respawn)
1 Mauler (Asymmetric, 1 spare clip, 60 second respawn)
1 Sniper Rifle (1 spare clip, 120 second respawn)
1 Spartan Laser (150 second respawn)
1 Brute Shot (2 spare clips, 60 second respawn)

1 Overshield (180 second respawn)
6 Firebomb Grenades (2 asymmetric, 45 second respawn)
1 Regenerator (60 second respawn)
1 Portable Grav Lift (90 second respawn)
1 Active Cammoflage (180 second respawn)
1 Power Drain (60 second respawn)
1 Bubble Shield (90 second respawn)
4 Fragmentation Grenades (10 second respawn)

2 Ghosts (150 second respawn)

Recommended Gametypes
Free-For-All slayer
Team Slayer
One Flag
One Bomb

Thanks to Debo37 for helping with tests, spawn point placement, and weapon placement.

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  • 07.24.2008 3:29 PM PDT
Subject: The Ire of Fire (150+ Downloads)

WoW first off thats really creative! Second I just downloaded it and rated it 5 stars!

  • 07.24.2008 3:31 PM PDT
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  • Exalted Mythic Member

Destiny awaits. And it will be great.

I suggest putting "Playable Dragon!" in your thread title. So more people will look.

  • 07.24.2008 4:01 PM PDT
Subject: The Ire of Fire! Playable Dragon! (150+ Downloads)
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Community Reviewer: Chaos
Map Review-

Description: 5/5 (yay)
Pictures: 5/5 (Double YAY)
Map Idea: 4/5
Map Quality {layout}: 3/5(not sure on playability)
Map Quality {looks}: 5/5 (interlocking YAY)

Comments:First let me thank you for pictures and description make things easyer. I do like the dragon it looks cool. But im not quite sure on how playable this is. But lastly nice interlocking.

Overall: 4/5 (i don't give these out often)

Want another map reviewed? Want to become a reviewer? Message me.

  • 07.24.2008 4:39 PM PDT
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If only the dragon could breathe fire...

  • 07.24.2008 5:24 PM PDT

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