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"Ramparts V2" by Bl00D F1R3 on 07.21.2008
After the battle of Voi, many structures were destroyed and forgotten by Bl00D F1R3
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Subject: Ramparts V2. Advanced Forging With pictures,video and Forgehub! 10...
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In the first version of Ramparts there were some problems witch involved, Spawns, Weapon Placement , Balance and Weird sounds?

This weekend I updated the map and fixed these minior problems with the help from IV0RY SNAK3 and Iron Tusk 51.

Weapon Placement:
As many of you may or may not know the map had a sever weapon placement problem. The problem was that there were simply to many power weapons on the map. Witch lead in to the next problem...

The game was defender heavy, meaning that the most of the power weapons were closer to the defenders making it un-blanced and not even.

The Spawns were often off or just terrible timing because I suck and making spawns.

Strange Sounds?!:
In the far right section of the map you would hear a sound that sounded like two movable objects merging.

What was fixxed.

A great big thanks is out too Iron Tusk 51. He completly re-did the weapon placement making it much more blanced. The changes he made were removing the shot gun and switching it with a Brute Shot. He also scraped the Mauler and oversheild and put a Rocket launcher down there. The spartan laser is gone and the so is the sniper. The sniper is now a Beam rifle located at the Hammer spawn. The turrets are goen now. The regenorator has been switched with a Trip mine to Spice up gameplay. There have been many other little changes invloving duel-weild able weapons aswell.

For spawing there is another hudge thanks out to Iv0Ry Snak3. He took the time to help me and explain how to properly do spawns on a map. He re-did the entire system making the map very balanced with perfect spawns.

The stange noice is gone too. It turns out There were 3 wire spools in side a dubble box. lol they are goen now so there is no more weird noices.


Today forge hub, I would like to present to you Ramparts. Ramparts is my newest map and probally the most dificult to create. Ramparts uses some very tricky geo-merging witch was not only hard, it was frusterating. I got the name Ramparts because its packed with bridges to get you to the various zones of the map.

Dont be fooled if the map center peice looks like the one of Eviscerate, Its very similar but this one is desgined for Ramparts with its play style in mind. The diffrence is that one side with a bridge on it is coplete open, making you very vunrable to be shot. Also it has a over sheild in the center.

One thing that was very tricky on this map was the chute. The chute is located be-hind the sniper spawn, Once you jump down it it will slide you to the ghost spawn to get away from your enemys or even try to splatter them. The chute was made so it runs very easy and looks good astechicly

Ramparts uses all of foundry accept for the back areas, so its the same shape as most other foundry maps. On Ramparts there is many hiding spots so you can doge bullets quickly and avoid attacks or even try to assassinate your foes.

MLG: If your a MLG fan and this map looks like its appealing to you and seems like it would be a good MLG map, get it here. MLG Rampart

Ramparts features tons of neat things. Like the ledges from Gardian or mounted weapons and equipment.

Recomened Gametypes:
I recomend playing a match of Slayer. The maps spawn points support it and its fair and a blast. If you like team work try Team slayer on this. It takes skill and cordination. Multi flage plays great on Ramparts. There is wall mounted flages. also if the other team has your flage you will spawn in a higher zone to try to get them or track them across the map.

Playing One Flag.
One Flag has its on experince. I STRONGLY recomend trying it. Its alot of fun with on the edge of your seat experenice that will leave you begging for more. Don't be fooled when there is only a few seconds left in play, the game can be truned around so you need to play strong the entire match to win.

Supported Gametypes:
Multi Flage
Team Slayer
Odd Ball

Ramparts Overveiw Video!


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  • 07.21.2008 12:30 AM PDT

You're like, the bee's knees: you have helped me out a LOT in the past and you're a genuinely nice guy, and you deserve all the best for the good you've done me and surely done others
Count Peter, you're one of the only people I respect on here. Not that that means much on a forum, but still.

nice looking map, looks fantastic and it shows that a lot of detail has gone into it

the only problem i have is that in the video, youve panned the camera too fast in a lot of areas

  • 07.21.2008 1:20 AM PDT
  • gamertag: BADlH
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Props man good map but bungies gonna lock this thread if you keep the all caps title..

  • 07.21.2008 8:55 AM PDT

I <3 Forge

Hey Blood this map looks awesome for both team and FFA

  • 07.25.2008 8:46 PM PDT
Subject: Ramparts V2. Advanced Forging With pictures,video and Forgehub!

looks cool, fun and good i hav it qued but the description in the map where it says stuff about Voi and "by Bl00D F1R3" it seems as though ur sayin u 4got and destroyed it lol

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  • 07.26.2008 10:01 PM PDT

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