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"Jenga Tower X" by Axelord FTW on 08.06.2008
Jenga Tower, final version. 2-10 players. Original idea from CosmicRick and Turbo Gerbil604. Created by Axelord.
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Subject: Jenga Tower, the Most played map on H3.

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Here it is, the final version of Jenga Tower.
Agaisnt all odds, the testing version v5 became the most played H3 map variant right now(from august 1st to august 6th).
Thats why ive decided to create a topic about it. Cant believe my map is the most played?
Check this out: Bungies favs page.
I know the map isnt on the favs, but if you take a look to the right, you will see two list. The first one is about the most played gametypes, and the second one is about the most played maps. In the first slot of the second list figure my fifth testing version. By testing version, i mean the fifth version i made of the map for testing purposes. Thats how i work: I make a map, then i test it. Each time i see a flaw or something wrong, i correct it. I rename the map altogether too for safety reasons.

For some unknown reasons to me, the fifth version became VERY popular, and it wasnt even on my fileshare at the time. I started to stumble upon random party playing jenga, or i would hear someone shout: "lets play jenga!". The first time that happenned, i was uterlly confused.
Of course, it didnt take much time until i figure out what was going on; one of my friend leaked the map! I was angry, but seeing how my beta map was so popular made me happy. Wierd feeling there.

Anyway, after V5, i came up with v6, then v7, then v8, and i now believe the final version has been made; "X"!

I playtested it earlier today and it was conclusive, along with being totally hilarious. I wont record them, byt there was alot of "epic film clip" moments there.

Be carefull though, the map wont work without the gametype because of the special properties the custom powerups have.
Heres the gametype: Jenga addiction.

Sincerly hope you like the game. I had more than 2 full hours of beta testing and a total of more than 10 hours if you include all the beta versions.

Screenshot edit:
Theses are some of the things the final version feature.
-Second Overview.
-Tower of Death and what it look like from the inside. Also, This is how you get in.
-This is where the banshee spawn, but only after 3 minutes.
-This is the fence box (a.k.a the equipment shack), and this is how you get in.
-The missile barage device.

And just for the kick of it, heres an in-game screenshot.

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  • 08.06.2008 8:57 PM PDT

I don't play much anymore.

So you're the Famous guy who's been making these maps. It's a great game, bro, right when halo 3 got boring for me. Me and my friends play it all the time, I can't wait to show them this one, (I haven't seen it yet, I'm downloading it right now). How long ago did you post the Jenga Map that's now a most played Map?

And by the way, I'm trying to 'resurrect' the old Forum, you know when your threads got bumped back up with comments? Care to join the Halo 3 Files Group? I'd appreciate it, thanks.

  • 08.06.2008 9:32 PM PDT
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I don't know why people like this map...

  • 08.06.2008 10:51 PM PDT

Awesome map dude. I play this game frick'in all the time, its fun to play with all your friends, nice job and creativity.


  • 08.10.2008 10:28 AM PDT

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