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"We Need Backup" by CheezBall42 on 08.09.2008
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  • 07.29.2009 10:34 AM PDT

Dur, this was a simple to do but time consuming pic to take. All he did was made the Spartans aim in thoes directions and had the Elites go through a Man Cannon. After he got them positioned to where theey looked like they where giants BAM! took the screenshot. Its really simple to do but takes alot of time to do it. This is also how they did the 'Win an Elite!' Screenshot with that Crane Game Machine. Exatcly the same.

  • 07.29.2009 7:34 PM PDT

it's an optical illusion. they're really 5 feet from the camera. and the humans are like 50 yards away. things close to the eye appear big, but things far aways appear small. think about it.

now for HOW they got the elites to float. I think I have an idea of how he did it. one day as I goofed off in forge my sister was on a create that I deleted. but she did not fall. but as soon as she moved (like anything else that moves) she fell. I think they just had a box floating, then deleted them. and as long as no one moved they would stay up.

  • 08.04.2009 10:16 AM PDT

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  • 08.07.2009 11:11 AM PDT

Posted by: AmuOw Sith
Ahh Kat.
I came, I saw, I did number one differently.

Posted by: DrJamming
I like Six's death, the way the scene was made makes it look like Six is in a nightmare, powerless and tired to stop the unending waves of elites before she can't carry on anymore. Like trying to wriggle free from a spiderweb you just can't do it and end up tiring yourself in panic.

They're actually closer to the screen than the spartans, it's the mancannons I think.

  • 08.07.2009 12:16 PM PDT

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