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"Temple of Atlas" by American10 on 08.09.2008
This is the second map in the Ancient map pack.Made by American10 & Sir Toppum Hat1.
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Subject: Temple Of Atlas [The 2nd map in the Ancient map pack]
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A few soldiers were able to make it out of Acropolis during the battle. They retreated to a small temple located in the mountains north of Acropolis. There they established a new town and military and stared to rebuild what they lost. The Ottoman military found out about this hideaway and planed to make an attack. Slowly they started to build tunnels leading to the dungeons of the temple.

On April 30, 1365 the Ottoman military launched its first attack on the Temple of Atlas. The moved through the tunnels they had previously made, slaughtering the guards, that were watching the prisoners in the dungeon. They then found their way to the underground creek, and mine. The Ottoman military stayed there and waited till night. Slowly they creeped though the city killing anyone in there way, until an Islam soldier spotted one of the Ottoman’s guard. At that time all hell broke lose. The Islam’s military attacked with full force, but the damage was already too bad the Islam’s couldn’t do anything, there were just too many of them. Blood paved the streets, parentless children cried; for sure this was the end of the Islams.

The Ottoman’s soldiers took everyone else, who were still alive, as prisoners and began to head back, but then a guard sees foot prints leading from the battle seen along with a trail of blood. Someone had escaped!

All Gametypes

Weapons on map:

1 sniper
4 battle rifles
1 smg
1 spiker
1 spiker
1 magnum
1 plasma pistol
1 brute shot
1 covenant carbine

Equipment on map:
2 plasma grenades
1 spike grenade
1 bubble shield
1 trip mine
1 regenerator
1 radar jammer
1 deployable cover

About the map:
Well the map is based on an ancient temple made for the god Atlas(the guy who holds the world on his shoulder).There is 4 storys of amazement.The ground(1st floor) concludes of a temple, shack, waterfall, mine shaft, and a platform.The there is the 2nd story which are some standup tunnels.part of the tunnels are flowing with water from the waterfall.Then you can go down another story and theres a dungeon room and then theres 2 storys of tunnels around the dungeon.

Link for video: (comming soon by agamer93)

Forgehub post: Click here
(i recommend going to this for a lot more detail about the map and pictures)

  • 08.13.2008 8:19 PM PDT
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Good Job!!

This map is awsm fun!!!


  • 08.13.2008 9:24 PM PDT

good job.. lookin at the picks, i kno its good 5/5

  • 08.13.2008 9:41 PM PDT
  • gamertag: Killex
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Wooo!!! Wicked map. Don't bother playing it with zombies though.

  • 08.14.2008 1:18 AM PDT

Get me a vehicle and I'll take you there.

Awsome map dude 5/5!

  • 08.14.2008 10:07 AM PDT


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