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"2008 Olympics" by soldier62994 on 08.11.2008
After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending munitions to space were soon abandoned. 4-12 players
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Subject: 2008 Foundry Olympics

Olympic map featuring Skeet, Hurdles, and Fencing. Honor rules required for every event. For more info and pics, ForgeHub link

Must use the Medals game variant

Hurdles. Run around the track jumping over the hurdles(sender nodes). Hitting the hurdles will teleport you back a little bit. In real olympics hitting the hurdles will cause you to gain time.
Honor Rule: No assassinations and must stay in the court. 3 laps until winner
The Track

In skeet you need at least two people, or you could use two controllers. One person take the stairs on the right(behind the track) to go to the skeeting platform(first picture). The other player takes the left stairs and throws the discs(second picture). The discs are trip mines that are deployed, they are on instant respawn and there are four different spots for you to launch the mines from. The objective is to shoot the discs while they are in mid air. There are three different events, BR Beam and Human. Beam rifle is proabably the hardest, with the human sniper in the middle. The BR is the easiest
Honor Rule: Take turns and try not to snipe the other players
Skeeting Platform
Disc Throwing
Hitting a Disc

Last but not least is Fencing, which requires the most honor rules.
Honor Rules(Everything Below): Since the gametype(explained later) makes player invunerable, the only way to tell if the other player is hit is by having a third party player there. Since you can't dive in Fencing, you can only use your B button to fight. This makes backing up more tactical then if you could lunge. If the swords touch, it doesnt count. Hitting the other player's body counts as one point, you need three to win. After hitting them you must move back to your respective side.(Like in epees)

The Bleachers, for viewing The Hurdles and Skeet. Also the Torch(See below) To get to the bleachers you need to enter from the bottom Barriers.

And of course the Olympic Torch. To get there you must take the secret entrance behind the bleachers. Marked by the plasma pistol shot in the picture.
Secret Entrance

It will take you to the platform above the Hurdles. Where you pick up the Custom Powerup and jump onto the "wall" and grab the flamethrower.

You then walk across the "wall" and shoot a SINGLE burst of flame into the left side of the "torch".
Lighting the Torch

It cause the flames to erput and stay in a constant loop. Note, that after about a minute the torch gets screwed up. Also, sometimes the flames will bounce out and hit spectators.
The Torch

For those of you who didnt watch the Opening Ceremonies, this is how the torch was actually lit. A guy attached to a wire jump up extremely high, ran across the wall and lit the torch.

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  • 08.11.2008 7:23 AM PDT
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nice map 5/5

  • 08.11.2008 8:22 AM PDT
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And that torch is epic winnage, my friend. EPIC. WINNAGE.

  • 08.11.2008 10:09 AM PDT

nice origional idea

  • 08.11.2008 11:03 AM PDT


hey awesome map!! 6/5 thats how awesome it was. its pretty fun to play when you have a party. i have a question too. how do you get maps and game varients on bungie's community files? thanks

  • 08.11.2008 1:53 PM PDT

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