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"Storage Chamber" by on 07.16.2008
These structures have many small crevasses that were used for storage. Slayer, Oddball, Juggernaut, KotH. By GladiateSmiths.
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  • Map: Cold Storage
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Subject: Storage Chamber - A Small Map in a Never-Before-Used Space

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I think most of us forgers were at least a little disappointed to find that there were no new forge items in Cold Storage and that there wasn't too much forge potential. But as I did with every new map, I switched to a monitor and flew around the map looking at everything that Bungie had put into it. I still got no inspiration. But when I came here, the file forums were full of good (and terrible) Cold Storage maps, so I tried again. This time I made sure I explored everything . And it just so happens that I stumbled upon a small crevasse in the ceiling above the sniper and active camo spawn. This gave me an idea, and this map is a result of that.

Note: this map includes one visual filter, Olde Timey, that is purely for aesthetics. It does not hinder sight in the map, and gives the chamber an amber color. While in construction I referred to the map as "The Amber Crevasse".

The Creation of Storage Chamber

This map was very hard and tedious to create. Part of the difficulty lay in the fact that I only had three different scenery objects to work with that would fit in the crevasse: Barricades, and Energy Blockers small and large. Barricades make up most of the map, as they make good floating platforms and stairs. They were hard to maneuver into the crevasse however, because the walls close in the higher up you are, and I had to rotate the barricades in interesting ways to make them fit or to move them higher. Energy blockers were slightly easier because some parts of them are only solid to weapons and players, but go through walls, floors, and scenery. This meant I could pull them up into the crevasse easier and they were easier to rotate, but my limited supply of them as well as their radiance made me use mostly barricades. To make map construction easier, I built this map from the top down, otherwise I would have had to move objects past others that had already been placed, but building from the top down made it difficult to visualize exactly how I wanted to lead to the level I had just built and whether it would work. I put the floor on after I placed all spawn points and most weapons, and that represented the completion of this difficult map.

Map Geography and Description

Storage Chamber can essentially be divided into four small levels:

The first level is where a lot of the action and carnage will take place, as it is the easiest area to maneuver and fight in. This is at the very bottom of the crevasse that the map is built in and has clear floors so you can see out. There are teleporters and shield doors below the glass floor for aesthetics, but this area is unreachable. The bottom level is clear of obstacles apart from a small stair that is used to get to the second level.

The second level is mostly clear as well, with another stair leading to the third. The larger portion of this level is made with energy blockers used as a floor, which is relatively smooth to walk on. Not much stands out on the second level, as it is mainly used as simply a fighting and traversing space.

The third level is slightly slanted upwards, and features one of two crawlspaces that you can hide in. The crawl space is made up of barricades that are arranged so that there is a small space underneath one that, if crouched, you can hide in. Between this level and the fourth there is not one stair, but rather a small stairway made of barricades, which also features the second hiding spot. This is made by having two barricades positioned in a small square, the slanting one slightly to make an entry way above it. In this second crawl space can be found one of two power weapons, a single mauler. This can be retrieved by crawling into the small space.

Before going on to the fourth and final level, you have the option of going to a small series of platforms in-between the third and fourth levels. This features one of two magnums, the only weapon that can headshot on the map, as well as a regenerator, which can barely be seen in the picture above, resting on an energy blocker above the two stairs.

The fourth level is the topmost level in the map and is made entirely of energy blockers. There is only one way up, but two ways down. You can leave the way you came and drop onto the stairway between the third and fourth levels, or you can travel to the other end and drop all the way to the second level. This level was made extremely close to the ceiling of the crevasse, which features what reminds me of a ribcage, meaning you must crouch to travel under "ribs", but there is space to stand when between them. This level features the second power weapon, the sentinel beam, which is a desirable weapon to have in this map, as well as a bubble shield. This level, not including the mid level between third and fourth, will probably see the least fighting, because it is the most difficult to move in, but the sentinel beam and bubble shield will keep some people going there.


The weapon set of this map is made to mostly be dual-wieldable guns. I wanted to have those close quarter dual wield battles be the focus of the map, and there's not really much choice with a space so small. I was careful about close range power weapons, and excluded a shotgun and an energy sword for fear of rushing to those power weapons, camping their spawns, and dominance while possessing them. The two semi-power weapons on the map, a mauler and a sentinel beam, are on long respawn times of 90 seconds, the mauler has no extra rounds, and are in mostly un-campable areas. They also do not necessarily dominate because any camp spot is easily hit by thrown grenades and then finished with any other weapon. The weapon set is as shown:


Magnum x2
Assault Rifle x2
SMG x4
Spiker x2
Mauler x1
Plasma Rifle x2
Sentinel Beam x1


Frag Grenade x5
Bubble Shield x1
Regenerator x1

Supported Gametypes

These gametypes are the only gametypes supported on the map, and I only recommend Free for All games, though team doubles style matches would probably work:

-Any form of Slayer, team games not recommended
-Any form of Juggernaut that does not require the juggernaut to reach destinations
-Any form of King of the Hill, team games not recommended
-Any form of Oddball, team games not recommended

Supported Amount of Players

At most this map can comfortably support six players. Going up to eight is okay, but may not work. Anything over eight will not be very fun. Ideal amount is four or five players, and three or less works fine.

All Pictures

These are all the pictures of the map. They include what is seen above, and more.

The Crevasse

First Level

Second Level

Third Level

Area Between Third and Fourth Levels

Fourth Level

Stairway to Fourth Level

Mauler Spawn/Hiding Spot

Hiding Spot on Third Floor

Regenerator in Use

Bubble Shield in Use

Action Shot: Fight on Second Floor

Action Shot: Fight on First Floor

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  • 08.11.2008 11:28 AM PDT


Community Reviewer: Destroying Ace
Map Review-

Description: 5/5
Pictures: 4.5/5
Map Idea: 4/5
Map Quality {layout}: 5/5
Map Quality {looks}: 4/5

Comments: I like that you made the map on cold storage since I don't see very many maps on it. Accept, some of the screenshots are a bit confusing...... Though I can still figure out were it's at. The map looks good, accept it looks like there are some places where you could fall down at. But overall the map looks good and you must have put alot of time and effort into this map. And it helped alot.

Overall: 4.5/5

~ Destroying Ace
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  • 08.11.2008 2:34 PM PDT

i love it, youve got my dload

  • 08.19.2008 12:25 AM PDT


The Cutting Edge

I've been part of the Bungie Conspiracy since Halo: CE
...and I still blame Stosh.

This is a really creative level because of the design use of the small enclosed space. I didn't even know it was possible to use the space you made this map on, and I give you props for the idea.

Gameplay, it works but It's nothing revolutionary, which is why overall I give you 4 of JB's food nipples out of 5. ;-)

  • 08.19.2008 3:34 PM PDT


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