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"My House" by TympanicMetal on 08.12.2008
Basicly a big villa/house with an openable garage door and a nice interior. Have Fun......dum dum dum.. padum
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My House




Ground level:

- All the humans start in 1 room. That room is the living room.
- From there, u can go left to the blocked back door.
- U can also go right, to take the stairs or enter the garage.
- Between the stairs and the garage is a halway. The front door is at the beginning.
-The Garage has two Warthogs and a balcony above. It has also an openable door with a as a switch: a fusion coil to open the garage door.

1st level:

- From the stairs u can go left, to walk above the garage and shoot from the balcony with a battle rifle u can pick up.
- U can also go right to walk up the first room. The room has a bed and a closet. It has a secret flamethrower and trip mine.
- The second (open room) has a bunker like opening made out of bridges. It has a little table with two little chairs also. At the back you have a little window to protect the back door.
- The 3rd room has allot of stuff in it with a secret shotgun. From here you can go upstairs with a mancannon.

2nd level:

-Up the mancannon you see two (knock over) barriers, so on a later stage the zombies can enter even faster. That will happen after 3 min.
- There is a turret and teleporter to get you to the top level.
-There's also a second pair of barriers to be knocked over.

Top level:

- Thrue the teleporter, you can enter the top level that is actually to high to get to, even in forge mode. So you have to go thrue the teleporter.
- There is no secenry on this top level, but there are some secret weapons.

The remaining description...

- Both the back and front door are pretty easy to knock over so watch out.
- Make sure you hold the garage door open as long as you can or the zombies will enter to fast and the game is over.
- There are many windows to shoot from.
There is allot of senery on the outside like double boxes and dumster and stuff.
- There is also a sort of little warehouse on the left of the house.




1st level

Human resawn room [bottom level]

2nd level

little warhouse thing

Gametype: Playing Infection

Video is here!: My House


This is a TympanicMetal and Chaimster productions.

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  • 08.17.2008 9:52 AM PDT

I think it's a pretty good map. It's good balanced, because the zombies can enter pretty medium/fast. And the humans have a good defence. In the beggining i was confused witch way i should go to get upstairs.

  • 08.18.2008 2:21 PM PDT
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Current Status: Better
Playing Halo

Community Reviewer: Kulizokia
Map Review-

Description: 5/5
Pictures: 5/5 [video]
Map Idea: 2/5
Map Quality {layout}: 4/5
Map Quality {looks}: 4/5

Comments: At first when I saw the words "House" and "Infection" I was very disappointed because the idea is totally overused. After watching your video, reading the description, and looking at the pictures I want to download it. I need to suggest one thing to you on the description that you did alot, you were constantly saying "U" instead you "you" if you want people to take you and your map seriously don't slack off by text talking. The idea of the opening garage I thought was new so I give you props on that. The rest of the house looked very nice, balconies, rails looking into garage, and the floor was put together perfect. Looking at it from the outside, scared me a bit but you seem to make up for everything inside. I did notice that you have plenty of zombie cover which many houses seem to lack of. I am making My House by Tympanicmetal my new infection house map.

Overall: 4/5

Want another map reviewed? Want to become a reviewer? Message me.

BTW I did report my submission when trying to press edit, I apologize Ninjas.

[Edited on 08.23.2008 9:32 AM PDT]

  • 08.23.2008 9:12 AM PDT

Add me. plz.

nice map man! i no im the first one to actully comment so i DL

  • 09.16.2008 4:32 AM PDT

Steven Jarvis

awsome map dude make some more

  • 09.16.2008 4:02 PM PDT

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