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"solve" by T3CHH800 on 08.15.2008
Can you capture the territory? (By yourself) "De" game variant REQUIRED.
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INTRO, This is my newest puzzle map.

Goal, The goal here is to capture the territory.

Mini Challenge, Inside this puzzle is a firebomb gernade hidden see if you can find it.

CAUTION! This Puzzle is Hard Really Hard, I have created this map to test even the most advanced of puzzle solvers,when you're looking for a challenge, this map will be there. I speciffically desinged this map to be real complicating for all those puzzle solvers. In this map you will be exposed to brand new ideas and also previous ideas used in my other puzzles that i had to add in this new one.

The Layout- The layout of this map is mainly unblocking teleporters. the maine room is basicly the room u start off in. there are two maine rooms were most telepoters are that need unblocked, and it's your job to do so.

Pic.1- No puzzle here just get to the teleporter.(Obvious)

Pic.2-The puzzle here to use a sniper(Hint)

Pic.3--No puzzle here just after you use the sniper in the other room you can finnally get up.

Pic.4-The puzzle is to shoot the propane tank at the right angle so it'll do somthing.

Pic.5--The puzzle is to unblock a teleporter..... But with what?

Pic.6--No puzzle here just running to where the signs point.......................................... Or are you?

Pic.7-Right when you walk in this room you will come across a frag gernade. Think, what will you do with it?

Pic.8-The objective here is to get the flamethrower in the sigle box.

Pic.9-No puzzle here just wait.

Pic.10--When you get in the room you will come across a crack in the door.....................

Pic.11-Picking up the grav lift will ne easy, but what to do with it?

Pic.12-No puzzle here

Pic.13--It looks like you are killing yourself, but why?

Pic.14-No puzzle here

Pic.15-You will have to get the mongoose in the room, but one question, how?

Pic.16-No puzzle here

Pic.17-You will have to start climbung up.

Pic.18-Just keep walking

Pic.19-You'll find out this one.

Finish!-Game over you've completed the map

Good luck

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  • 08.15.2008 9:33 PM PDT

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  • Base Type: Territories
  • made 08.14.2008 by T3CHH800