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"Co-op 021" by Bigturns00 on 10.10.2007
Co-op on Floodgate, 10/10/07
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Subject: Brutes don't cry?
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Slowly I crept upon the cruel sounds that filled the dank air. Here laid a brute in the throws of emotional turmoil. What is this? Brutes don't cry do they? Why would such a menacing beast fall, lifeless, to the ground in fits of anguish?

I wanted nothing more than to pull the hammer from my back and splash what emotions were left out onto the black pavement. Their kind has left my home in ruins. Whatever he may be feeling he deserves a thousand times worse.

Still, for whatever reason, I found myself kneeling by his side. What demons were at work inside his thick, hairy skull? What words could I muster which might bring him comfort?

Comfort, I must be mad! “Get up beast, Get up!” “Stand and face me”! “What foe are you, wailing and thrashing about like a child”?

Time and time again he beat his fists. The earth below my feet shook upon each and every blow. Wail after wail, tear upon tear, he bellowed deeply into the dusk air...

"I have lost my little friends,” he snorted. Looking up with his big black eyes he wondered in a whisper, "Have you seen them"? “They are short, funny little guys, not much taller than a plasma coil”… “Loyal little buggers”… “Gone, each and every one… gone…”

How do I break it to him, that just minutes ago, with skulls enabled, I was lighting up their little heads in an effort to enjoy the parade of colorful, cheer filled, confetti?

Rather than answer his question, which would have only created more questions, I simple handed him a shiny and well-lit plasma grenade and strolled off into the flood filled night. Brutes don’t cry (I reasoned) and besides, time was wasting.

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Subject: Brutes cry too!

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I liked that story, it was good 5/5!

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u bumpin?????????????????????????????????????????????/

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aw poor wittle baby lol

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