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"Now thats purty" by OcR MYK on 08.19.2008
Co-op on The Covenant, 12/29/07
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  • Map: The Covenant
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Any one can get this.

  • 08.05.2009 6:00 PM PDT

Member of clan MGO. A clan where were rising very fast. Im 1 of the 4 leaders. Message me if you would like to be in. How you get in is you have to 1v1 one of the leaders. If you win you become gold member. If u lose or u have 20 kills you become silver until further info. If you get 15 kills and lose you become bronze. If you have 14 or less your not in clan. BTW All leaders Have MGO Platinum in there bio and everyone else Has MGO bronze silver etc...

bungie makes horrible choices everytime... this is why i nvr even look at bungie favs

  • 08.05.2009 7:19 PM PDT

i hate you

really stupid name, and bungie favorites have been horrible these last few weeks.

  • 08.05.2009 9:35 PM PDT
Subject: Screenshot

Remember KoolJoe is KOOL!!!!!!!!

Posted by: DomDaBomb1997
Posted by: OnE Sh0t Ki1l
Beastly pic, love the ground and warthog texture effect. 5/5 nice job gratz on makin it in.

Btw, just because some of your guys's short attention spans prevents you guys from seeing the great effect in this picture, coupled with talent, doesn't mean you should be so quick to judge.
Personally, and this is coming from another photographer, these guys know what they're talking about. I know a lot of these guys commenting, and they know how to rate pics. Trust me.

Guys I don't know what you're taking about. any way you look at it anybody could have taken this shot. Giving it a 5/5 is saying that is perfect. Are you really prepared top argue that this shot is as good as say heavenly hog? This is an amature shot like many others that have been a "bungie favorite" that do not live up to the name. If it was not on favs the best you would have rated it would be a 3/5. Don't try to flatter people by saying that their amature shot is good enough to take a spot on bungie favs when there are countless others that have much better shots than this. Doing so discraces the name of screenshot raters.

  • 08.05.2009 10:04 PM PDT

check out my pics

  • 08.05.2009 10:07 PM PDT


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