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"Embassy" by xX DarkRebel Xx on 08.31.2008
The US Embassy is under attack. Stop it from being blown up.
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Subject: The United States Embassy (3 floors of close-quarter mayhem)(Contai...

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Terrorists have attacked the US Embassy and threaten to blow it up in 8 minutes. Its up to Delta Force to stop them.

This map is designed mainly for use with the gametype EmbassyAssault In that thread you will find the background to the gametype dedicated to this map.

Estimated amount of time to create= 4 hours total

US Delta Force side
The D-Boy's start outside the embassy, with a Gauss Warthog and a container full of weapons. (Pics below)

Terrorist Side
The Terrorists start on the 3rd floor of the Embassy, with 3 floors of weapons and equipment. But they cannot go outside of the embassy.

There are 4 different ways to get into the embassy. 1 is the barricaded door, 1 is from the second floor balcony (requires jumping on someone's head or jumping up from the Warthog) 1 roof entrance is somewhat hidden that leads to the 2nd floor. The last entrance is on the very highest roof that leads to the 3rd floor. It too is somewhat hidden. These entrances are all barricaded with destructible Pallets.

Floor descriptions
1st floor= A few weapons, 2 power weapons include a turret and a rocket launcher. Barricaded door in the front, stairs to second floor in the back.
2nd floor= Contains the Terrorist's weapons cache, a couple BRs, AR rifles, trip mines, grenades, 2 shotguns and 2 Deployable covers. Entrance in the back from the stairs, and Entrance from the front balcony from the ground (requires step-jump) Jumpable stairs lead to the 3rd floor.
3rd floor= Contains Terrorist spawn point, a Sniper Rifle, 1 BR, 1 AR and 1 Flamethrower. Contains the "Ambassador's Office" where the Terrorists arm the bomb and where the D-Boys disarm it, blocked by 2 shield doors from Terrorist spawn point.

Roof description
The roof is split into 2 sections, one has the secret entrance to the 2nd floor, and the other section contains the secret entrance to the 3rd floor. Only weapon on the roof is a shotgun.

Wide angle outside shot of the Embassy
Front shot of the Embassy
Looking into the 1st floor
2nd floor, Terrorist cache, and Bomb Spawn point
3rd floor, Terrorist Spawn Room, with Sniper Rifle
3rd floor, The Ambassador's Office (Bomb Plant point behind the barrier)
Delta Force spawn area with Gauss Warthog
Delta Force weapons container
Outside shot of the roof (Can you find the 2 hidden entrances?)

Thread dedicated to the "EmbassyAssault" gametype

Constructive criticism, free bumps, compliments, rants, and anything like that is greatly appreciated.


-xX DarkRebel Xx

  • 08.31.2008 10:55 AM PDT

Looks nice!

  • 08.31.2008 2:02 PM PDT

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I did Download it, and i did play it. One thing it seems its missing is other entrances. I know the Zombies can get through the roof and stuff like that, but it seems if would be much better if there were more rooms, more strongholds, more entrances and more variety of gameplay. You made the map exspecting all the action ment to be inside, but if there was more alternatives it would be a much more exiting map. anyway, to get to the chase, i would give it a 4/5. it deffinatley took some time and i do admit it is built quite well.

  • 09.01.2008 1:09 PM PDT
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  • 10.14.2008 4:45 PM PDT

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