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"TW Solarena" by Cosmic Rick on 09.01.2008
Enjoy the lava, A-HOLE! A dangerous arena for teamwerks slayer. 4-8 players
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  • Map: Standoff
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Subject: Solarena: A New Arena for Teamwerks Slayer

alexhughson IS Cosmic Rick.

Click HERE for the ForgeHub post for this map. The pictures show up and everything looks much better than here.


Teamwerks Solarena

Map Download Link: Download TW Solarena
Gametype Download Link: Download Teamwerks Slayer This is REQUIRED!

Map Overview:

Welcome to the newest Teamwerks arena. This map was created initially as an entry for a competition (hosted by me, of course, lol) over at the Ghosts of Onyx. The idea was to make a mashup of my original Teamwekrs Arena and Furious D 18's Solaris.

For information about how Teamwerks is played, please view this thread for the general overview of Teamwerks Slayer Gametype. Please note that a MAJOR difference is in the spawn system. Here, you have one person get in the ghost and drive into the fencebox-pit to get to the BR portal. Everyone else just goes through the regular portals.

Gametype Quick-Guide:

1) No Beatdowns or Assassinations. They give negative points
2) Take down their shields and let your BR guy get a headshot for quick points
3) plasma grenade sticks are worth 7 points, but their shields need to be down first.
4) One person takes the ghost through the teleporters and into the fence box at the beginning of the round. He's the BR guy.

New Stuff in the Solarena:

-Basically, the Solarena is faster, crazier, and (let's face it) sexier than the original Teamwerks Arena. It also plays more casually than the original map.

-There are now multiple levels to the arena.

-The BR guy has access to a regenerator, a trip mine, and a bubble shield. He can either give these to his teammates or use them on the little platform juust outside the BR box to support his team.

-THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Don't touch the grass for too long or you'll die due to the traits in this area of Standoff.

-The plasma grenades are tougher to get to. No more accidental pickups. You have to work for those 7-point sticks.

-Much of the map is destructible. This means that you can blow up the scenery beneath your opponents feet and watch them burn in the lava.

-Plasma pistoleers have access to the following in the center areas of the map:

...1) A flare: For blinding the enemy BR guy or disorienting opposing pistoleers.

...2) A power drainer: Everything helps, right?

...3) Active Camo: This makes you harder to target and allows for quick getaways if your shields go down.


Here's the overall layout of the arena.

This is what the arena looks like from the pistoleers' viewpoint.

The biggest change (the addition of more equipment) in action. GO43R is pistoling an enemy after hiding out in the bubble shield I provided for him.

Thanks to everyone who helped me test this map. It's been fun, as always.

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  • 09.01.2008 10:29 PM PDT

Best maps and videos in HQ and HD:

Youtube account: chaimtwee (HQ)
Youtube account: Halo3QualityVideos (HD)

Check them out.

I always dislike maps on standoff beacsue of the limited items to use but this one looks pretty desent. The only map i liked on standoff ti'll now, was Jenga. I think this map could be better.
I alreday have an idea if ur making a V2. U could make everything float in the air. It would be perfect with the grav. lifts. I'll give you a 3.5/5. I judge you a little bit harder because i expect much from a forgehub member. I'll give you 4 starts for motivation, to make this map again, but then floating in the air :P

Feel free to check my fileshare for maps with pics, videos and sometimes a gametype. I never post a map without pics or a description so that's all good.


  • 09.02.2008 6:57 AM PDT

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