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"Fave Creeks" by Insane54 on 09.02.2008
"Get your dude to the places. Hurry up. Watch out for bad dudes." -Cosmic Rick. Map by Insane54 & Shock Theta,
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Cave Freaks -
By Insane54 and Shock Theta


For A LOT more info on the map, go here!

"Get your dude to the places. Hurry up. Watch out for bad dudes." -Cosmic Rick

Gunnery Sergeant Kevin Anderson woke up with a start to a crunching noise. He sat back in his seat, he was sure the TAV-14 Attack VTOL Designation K258 (otherwise known as the Hornet) would be fine. Everyone knew the Hornet could take practically anything; it had gone through the toughest government testing without a problem. Still…just in case, Kevin strapped on his seatbelt, and put his parachute under his seat. Just in case. Feeling more relaxed now, he went back to sleep.

He awoke suddenly again to a huge boom, and as he opened his eyes, his head smashed into the seat in front of him. Around him he could see his squad running to get their parachute gear. In a panic, he fumbled with his seatbelt, finally opened it, and quickly strapped on his parachute gear. Just in case.

“Critical damage, I repeat, critical damage on Part V56-B!,” a voice was buzzing from the speakers. “We’re going to attempt an emergency land..oh, shi—WE’RE GOING DOWN, MAYDAY MAYDAY!”

Kevin glanced out of the window for a second. Only the intense smoke coming out of engines was different from the snowy white world that glided below him. He gave a retrospective sigh as he took his position in the parachute line. Looking back, he saw structures down on the surface of the planet. “That’s strange,” He thought, “This sector was supposedly uninhabited, according to the Field Guide…”

“GO, GO, GO!!!” His commander screamed at him. He snapped back to where he was. Still slightly numb from the explosion, he took a deep breath and stepped out of the open door. As he looked back he saw the plane explode behind him.

Kevin landed softly in the snow, and with trembling hands, pulled out his radio. “Control, do you copy? I repeat, Control, do you copy?!” There was no response; he must have been out of radio range. He threw down the radio in frustration. He ran to the Hornet and sifted through the smoldering rubble. Though blood was all over the walls of the plane, the bodies themselves had disintegrated. Kevin just sat and wept. With a tear in his eye, he realized that he and his friends were probably going to die on this forsaken planet.

As he wiped away his tears, he thought he saw shapes moving in the mist surrounding the foot of the structure. "I have a bad feeling about this…,” he uttered to his squadmates. The squad pulled out their M7 Submachine Guns and approached the strange structure slowly….

Map Description:
Cave Freaks is the first map (to my knowledge) to be a hybrid of classic zombies, minigame, and competitive escort gametypes. There are two sides, the attackers (the cave people), and the VIP Defenders. The Cave People have poor camo and are fairly easy to kill, whilst The VIP and his team must go along a treacherous path, guided only by the VIP points. Getting kills won't score you points, the only way to win is by reaching the destination points, and having your VIP killed will stop your progress and end the round. Remember, this is a mix between a casual game and a minigame, it’s not meant to be 'fair' for both sides. Despite how difficult getting to the end is, it is possible.

Cave Freaks is, well, just not a good map to play with beginners. You really need to know what your doing to play it well. I know, everyone starts as a beginner, whatever. Just read the walkthrough and hints, play it a few times, you'll see how to play it right. Me and Matty, with 1 or 2 helpers, can pretty much beat any other team. We'll take on any challengers.

This game uses the health system described in a Bungie Update quite a while back. In short, they use a slower-regenerating 'health' system, kind of like the shield system, but more effectively hurt by human weapons. Using that, I set it up like the following: A sword slash or melee do about the same amount of damage. To kill a human it will take two 'hits'. A hit is a sword slash OR a melee. So, for instance, one cave freak jumps down and slashes an enemy, then the enemy kills him. Another cave freak jumps down, and melees him to the face, he will usually die. The health will recharge itself approximately every 10 seconds. You can stop the regeneration by hitting them again. In short, sword lunge or melee a normal player twice to kill, with as many players as it takes, in a period of 10 seconds. The VIP will take double as much damage. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

The amount of players you choose is vital to the way the game plays out. It works from 2v2 to 8v8; in general, the more players you add, the harder it is on the VIP team side. Depending on your party's skill level, you should decide how many players to play with. With totally new players, you might want to try a 3v3. I like to go with 4v4 and 5v5 games, with an occasional 6v6, but anything goes.

This map should be played with the ‘Cave Freaks’ VIP gametype (the map is called Fave Creeks). It works pretty well for Infection, but that’s about all that plays other than matching VIP game. Also included is a challenge: Insane and Shock challenge you to another puzzle! If you found the Darth Mauler in Duel of the Fates, great job... Find the Darth Mauler again!

Action Pictures
Tons of thanks to !nikheizen for taking the shots!

"Kablam!" (What I say every time I kill someone as a Cave Freak)

It's like a race, except...not

It's like 'You've been Punked', except instead of punked, its ambushed.

The brightness...its, like....bright....

Synchonized Jumping: the next Olympic sport!

Holding out in the Bunker (VIP Point 6)

Jesus :O


*Begin sinister music*


The final stand of epicness, dead bodies surround the glittering objective of winlyness.

n33dz moar int3rl0ck1ng!!111!!!1one11

Walkthrough Pictures:

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  • 09.02.2008 6:12 PM PDT
Subject: Fave Creeks - Unique Casual/Minigame Hybrid! -
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Boxfail, lol.
This has to be the most fun Halo 3 gametype/map variation I've ever played so far.
You have extensively tweaked and tested this map, loving it like your own child, wanting it to be perfect in every aspect.
And it has good interlocking! ;P
Gameplay: (5/5) This encourages teamwork among the VIP team, and careful footwork from the Cave Freaks. People have seen these kinds of zombies before, and this kind of VIP escort, but never together. It is challenging without being too hard on players. It truly is original. I hear that you;ve been playing it on default bungie maps, I must try that.
Map: (5/5) Good interlocking, lol. An original layout and very thoughtful weapon placement. I know you've worked hard to make sure every aspect is perfect, as I've seen many changes about it. It works in perfect harmony to the gametype.
Aesthetics: (5/5) Nothing much to say, good interlocking.
5/5. This map has earned a permanent spot on my hard drive.

Now a little quote from my friend in real life who played this with us once. He is an MLG gamer who goes with the constant philosophy of "Halo 3 is broken, Bungie got lucky with 1 and 2, nothing was really original." In a way, you have to agree with him sometimes. (But I love ya Bungie.) What he said about this map, semi-paraphrased:
This map is beyond Halo 3 gameplay. Look, generally, halo is for idiots. This is a highly tactical game and you should consider making it a mod for a pc game or something along those lines.
So, from him, he liked it.

  • 09.03.2008 1:45 PM PDT
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Excellent job Insane. This was really fun to test. 5/5\

Congrats on the FH Feature!!!

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  • 09.10.2008 7:09 PM PDT

--The Sam Man

I love Fave Creeks.

  • 09.10.2008 8:19 PM PDT

yea! cave freaks

  • 09.11.2008 1:27 PM PDT

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