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"FreezingSky v2" by QUINN HAS A GUN on 09.07.2008
Freezing winds scour blasted terrain, and ancient battle scars are a grim reminder that this is a precious prize. 6-16 players
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  • Map: Avalanche
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Subject: Dog-Fight: Freezing Skies v2 De-Buged

I'm a hyperactive, very sneaky and prone to laughing like a crazed maniac. I love seeing stuff blow up and fire is my third favorite thing behind soda and movies. Other than that I'm usually a good conversation...

Turns out I uploaded an earlier version of v2 without some essentials even though nobody seemed to notice, it bugged me so I fixed everything.

If you have never played a dog-fight game before then welcome to the most fun/ competitive casual game you will ever play. Here is the original Sand-trap version if you don't have the legendary map pack.
The shining jewel of the dog-fight, KoTH Version
And two game-types exclusive to the Freezing skies Avalanche map.
Dog-Fight CTF
Dog-fight Assault

[Image Removed]
Slide-Show =)

Stop Asking!
The Very cool video. Thanks to RPAL From The Map Maker Guardians.

A Dog-Fight is usually a "Plane" fight, but through a series of trial and error I have developed the perfect blend between flying vehicles and ground vehicles. Action is fast paced and frantic. Making sure you air vehicles score points is the key to victory. The changes From freezing skies are mostly for looks, but what has changed game-play wise has a significant impact on game-play. First off, both of the scorpion tank cannons have been move forward and flipped around so that it is less likely to shoot yourself or the hornet in front of you. Secondly the hill has been raised to eliminate the hill cheat where you could walk onto a hill and score points. The destructible crate cover in the hill have been enlarged and are now harder to destroy so if you want drop a teammate on one! Finally I edited spawn times on some objects/ vehicles.
Every-time I play this game the score (Which can reach the thousands.) Is always very close.
When you download this map you will have a very very (says very a few more thousand time and adds F**king every once in awhile) fun time!

Forgehub thread

  • 09.07.2008 9:15 AM PDT

Yeah it"s cool. I tried the flag and assault versions, but I think the KoTH version is the best.

  • 10.05.2008 1:19 PM PDT

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