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"Courtyard" by Solid Bop on 09.08.2008
Recommended gametypes: Team Slayer, FFA, CTF, KOTH, Oddball. Players: 2-8 Made by Solid Bop
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Courtyard (moneyglitch+interlocking+geomerging) (forgehub)

ik hoef geen coke als ik pepsi

Recommended Gametypes: FFA, Team Slayer, CTF, Assault, KOTH, Oddball
Recommended Players: 2-8

Map Info:

A Courtyard in the middle of the map, with around that area some rooms and hallways.
also some platforms in the sky above the courtyard that are accesable through some rooms outside of the courtyard. this map is full of action especially in the middle since there are multiple rooms that have a view on the courtyard, but that place sure aint the only intresting point of the map, its has some other nice structures aswell.


Weapons: (Number of weapon/name/extra clips/spawntime)

1xRocket Launcher/0/120
1xSniper Rifle/2/120
1xEnergy Sword/x/120
6xBR Rifle/2/30
3xCovanent Carbine/2/30
4xPlasma Rifle/x/30
4xassault rifle/2/30

4xPlasma Grenade/x/30
6xFrag Grenade/x/30


Youtube video:

Link to forgehub thread: d.html#post448183

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  • 09.09.2008 3:36 PM PDT
Subject: Courtyard (moneyglitch+interlocking+geomerging)


even if the pics arent linked, its still a good map. you just have to take the time to look at his service record. 5/5

  • 09.09.2008 3:48 PM PDT
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Looks cool 5/5

  • 09.09.2008 4:58 PM PDT
Subject: Courtyard (moneyglitch+interlocking+geomerging) (forgehub)

And Arthur began to play; a smile broke over his ecstatic face; he took aim, slowly at first, the rythmic beat of the game picked up, he strafed hard, his fingers jumped, the terminating stroke of the DMR hit its mark, the beat began to rock. He began to sweat. The controller held in concentrated motion, the player hunched and socked it in, faster and faster. Arthur played his game; opposition rolled and fell. Overkill, you'd think he wouldn't have time to line them up. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Looks Great , Better than my maps.

  • 09.10.2008 9:32 AM PDT
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  • Senior Legendary Member

I just saw this map on ForgeHub, I love the detail and the neatness 5/5. Check out my map I think you'll like it

  • 09.11.2008 11:18 AM PDT

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