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"Weapon Training" by Sarge525 on 09.12.2008
Weapon training for all skill levels
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Subject: Weapon Training - Train or Warm-Up on the Ultimate Shooting Range

Forge Master Extraordinaire

Weapon Training
This is a map designed with multiple functions in mind. One of which is to train your aiming ability, and the other is to function as a warm-up game when there is no one to play with.

Game Variant

Platform BB Demonstration

Map Overview

Weapon Storage Building

The room you will spawn in has multiple weapon spawns, a door to take you to the range, and teleporters to take you to the shooting platforms.

Weapon Spawns

The weapon spawns are as seen and listed here: Sniper Rifle 1, AR 1, BR 2, SMG 1, Magnum 1, Rocket Launcher 2, Spartan Laser 2, Sentinel Beam 1, Carbine 1, Beam Rifle 1, Fuel Rod Cannon 2, Brute Shot 1, Spike Grenade 2, Plasma Grenade 2, Firebomb 1

NOTE: Any not seen in the below pictures are on the shooting platforms for ease of access.


Teleporters in the building take you to the respective platform (i.e. A sign takes you to AA platform, B sign takes you to BB platform, and in between them takes you to AB platform)

NOTE: The Overshields/Active Camos' mark the teleporters.


Just walk into it to go through...

NOTE: Yes, it works both ways; in or out.

Shooting Platforms

Platform Overview
Each platform has a basic method, and that is as follows. To launch the target simply pick up the custom power up on the platform. Then attempt to shoot the target before it hits the ground. Before more targets can be launched the ones on the field will need to be destroyed (so even if you miss shoot the target where it lies). If you fall from a platform, or wish to get up onto another, simply walk into the marked part of the wall (teleporter glowy part) to get up. Each Platform has a different type of target designed to be used with a different type of munition. This will be explained further down.

NOTE: You don't have to continually stand on the power up if you don't want to.

Platform AA

Platform AA is designed for ranged munitions, pretty much anything with a scope. The targets being launched in this case are propane tanks. Considering how small they are this is the ideal target for the sniper rifle, sparter laser, or beam rifle (feel free to use what ever weapon you want though).

Platform AB

Platform BB is designed for heavy munitions, or explosives. The targets for this platform are pallets; their large size makes them ideal for practicing the following weapons: Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod Cannon, Machine Gun Turret, Stickies, and Spike Grenade.

Platform BB

Platform BB is the easiest platorm, and is designed for use of any weapon of your choice. Though I personally prefer the Magnum, Carbine, or BR. The target being launched from this platform is a fusion coil.

NOTE: if you wait untill the fusion coil gets near the far wall it becomes alot harder to shoot.

The Roof of Weapon Storage Building

The roof functions as a viewing point for those just wanting to watch and as a parking garage for the mongooses. So feel free to drive around.


Well thats the map, hope you guys enjoy. Please download, rate, and comment.


  • 09.12.2008 7:48 PM PDT

Don't Duck! It Just Makes You Harder to Hit!

Wow, that looks quite helpful. I really do need to work on my Sticky skills =]
I'll download and play it from time to time. One of my concerns... how do you make that two-way door? I would LOVE to incorporate that into one of my maps.

  • 09.12.2008 8:44 PM PDT

this does look handy

  • 09.13.2008 6:03 AM PDT
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Looks like it could be useful. Justed dowloaded it. Hey also check out a map I made called BATTLE GROUNDS. Heres the link to my file share.
[url]http://www, g=SHADOW%20WLf36

  • 09.13.2008 9:58 AM PDT

Light em up!

Man this is some sick stuff!!!! My sniping skills have improved significantly.

  • 09.18.2008 10:55 AM PDT

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