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"Trapnes1um" by soldier62994 on 09.21.2008
Eliminate the humans using traps before they reach the end.
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Subject: Trapnesium | Zmbies use switches to kill the Humans

FORGEHUB LINK(Easier to view pics and comments. Other great maps!)

Trapnesium is a rather inventive, creative map that I decided to make after playing Iraqui Tunnel(which sucks). In that map you would hope the zombie would run into obviously marked traps or you would hit a button to delay him(which would usually kill you in the process). So, I decided to make a map that like that, but with a twist.

Trapnesium is an Infection game where the zombie tries to eliminate the humans with dumpsters, trucks, explosions and suicide paths/pits. All of these traps are activated by simple switches: Powerups and destroying one object to make a second spawn. Now, onto the pictures and an explanation of the traps.


First off, there are some things that you will have to explain to your party during the lobby. First off, if they spawn as the zombie, there will be a grav lift(equipment) in front of them(A), they must pick it up. Then, they must throw it at one of the barrels behind the two fence walls in front of them(B). One or the other, it doesnt make a difference until the end.

[url= p.aspx?gamertag=soldier62994&ssid=53643543]A


If they spawn as the humans, make sure they dont move at the spawn, there is a gap right in front of them. This is mainly to seperate the 8 year olds from the 9 year olds.(Human spawn is the fence box all the way in the front of the picture)

The humans must jump across the gap and then one more gap, the second gap has a door in the middle that you have to land on, they jump across. The twist is that your gravity is at 150%. The majority of your party will die on one of those gaps.

Next up we have my favorite trap! The wall of pallets(A). Dont worry theres nothing there to worry about(B). The trap is activated by the zombie destroying the propane tank(C).

[url= p.aspx?gamertag=soldier62994&ssid=53643688]A



The third trap is rather simple, a fusion coil that falls in a constant loop after activation(A). You have to time your run right and make behind the shield doors, or youll be blown off the edge(or lose most of your shields)(B).



The next trap is just like the Wall of Pallets. You have to run across a bridge no strings attached, guarenteed(A). You can activate the trap by destroying the Grav Lift(B).



The next two traps are activated by picking up a Powerup, which in return shoot out a dumpster. x?gamertag=soldier62994&ssid=53644229

The final trap was activated right at the beginning of the round. Remember the barrels? Depending on which teleporter you unblocked, either the left or right entrances will be Death Doors! Unblocking the left door makes the left path unnaccesible and vice versa. If you happen to get teleported, youll be brought to where the barrel was unblocked.(Refer to the first picture) x?gamertag=soldier62994&ssid=53644271

Congratulations! You won! Pick up a BR, Shotgun or Sentinal Beam and own the zombie(A)! Or pick up the rockets, no way does it teleport you to the FAIL BOX!(B and C). The teleporter circle thing brings you above the zombie's area, watch though, he can hide and use a deployable cover to make your life harder!





Honor Rule:

If you fall in one of the gaps or off the edge of the path, use one of the grenades provided to suicide
And last but not least, the gametype: Watch Out!.(This is off the top of my head, will include more when i have access to my Xbox)



110% damage resistance
Spawn with Energy Swords
90% speed
150% grav
No radar
No grenades
Weapon Pickup ON
150% damage resistance
50% Shield Regen
125% speed
Wepaon Pickup ON
200% grav
Spawn with Energy Sword
No radar


Known Issues:

Zombie using grav lift to break map
Zombie hitting humans through the wall when at the Pallet Wall(If theyre hugging the wall)
Humans not killing themselves and waiting 5 minutes until round end
Truck temporarily blocking the path at the Pallet Wall

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