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"The Underbog" by Bl00D F1R3 on 10.01.2008
Sacared ruins were demolished by the storm, theese ruins are now used as spartan training centers_ By Bl00D F1R3
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: The Underbog
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please see the thread Here On Forgehub, for a clearer and more effective presentation

By: Bl00D F1R3

Recommend Players: 2-8

"After the storm hit, these ruins are now used as spartan training centers "

Good Day Sir! Welcome to my newest addition to my map collection; "Underbog". Underbog is a turning point in my forging career as it uses mind blowing merges, on angles I thought to be impossible.

Like most of my maps, the name was chosen from the world of warcraft dungeon "Underbog" For some reason this name really appeals to me, it makes me think of vertical towers and pillars, witch this map is chock-full of them.

Some of you may know the story/history be-hind this map, its a really funny story. Well first off I wanted to start a new map, using the new style of merging I learned and I wanted to make something unique that would make people go " Wow nice merging blahahaba." So I tried to merge as much as possible on this map. I started of with a base, I didn't want to make it a regular base, so I tried to spice it up and make it unique. There's a lift in it that will bring you up to the BR tower or the flag spam. Anyways, after I built the base I started brain storming and constructing new Ideas and designs for it. I started my regular forging habits; forging as much as I can, testing etc. so a few weeks later I finished it and initiated testing. I started it and it was god-awful. I hated it, there was only few sections of the map I liked. So I said to my self " If I don't like it, delete it" . I went back in to forge and did a power wipe, I deleted almost everything on the map accept the few sections that I liked and then started forging again. Now I'm back and satisfied with my newest creation " Underbog "


Underbog is a a-symmetric map that uses the general area of foundry. There is 3 bases on the map and as you play different game types, you will find that the attackers will spawn in different bases depending on the game type. For example; Capture the flag, The attackers will spawn in the far base so its a longer flag run, but in King of the hill the attackers spawn in the closer base for a quicker route to the first hill. There is many structures on the map witch all intertwine with each other to make a really competitive feel to the map.

The Shield Door
Love it or hate it, Its there, and it serves a specif purpose. The purpose of it is to not make the center structure so open to fire along the main street. If It was not there, the main structure would be to open and too easy to capture and two hard to defend.

Map Durability
From what I have seen, I have not seen a way to break the map, I am pretty sure its impossible to break it as I can't even escape it in monitor mode. The only concern I have is the center structure, but I'm pretty confidant that its un-breakable.

Call Outs

* Center Mid-Very center structure
* Street - main route to the two bases, open along the side
* Blue Base - the attacker's base, tower one.
* Red Base - the defender's base, Bunker one.
* Back Corner- back corner near Red Base.
* Trip-mine -Trip mine/alternate attackers base.

Supported Game types:

* Slayer
* Odd ball
* Juggernaut
* Assault
* Territorys

Recommended Game types :

* KOTH - 4-8
* Slayer -2-8
* Odd Ball - 4-8
* CTF -4-8

  • 10.01.2008 7:17 PM PDT

Looks pretty good. I've added it to my download queue.

  • 10.01.2008 7:20 PM PDT

I <3 Forge

Que'd b100d ill get back to on forgehub

  • 10.01.2008 7:27 PM PDT
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Absolutely amazing map Blood. I've seen the map over at FH and thought it was amazing.
Definately your best to date.
I personally love all of the geo-merging and interlocking in evrey structure. The structure with the sheild door is my favourite. Speaking of sheild doors, not many people use them but you have hit it right on the head. It looks like it works perfectly.

5/5 and a permanent place on my HD lol, well done.

  • 10.04.2008 7:59 AM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Looks insane , Definitely worth downloading .
You got my vote on this one 5/5 Hands Down

  • 10.13.2008 9:57 AM PDT


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