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"Reactor Chaos 1" by Master Generals on 10.01.2008
A good FFA, 2v2, 3v3 map. See my fileshare discussion for details. Created by Master Generals. Have Fun!!!!
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Subject: Reactor Chaos 1 - Have Fun! - ForgeHub

Hey guys,

I really haven't released any new maps lately because most of my free time is consumed looking at new map variants posted here on the So last week and a couple weeks before that I thought maybe I should change things up a bit and try making a map so you guys can see what I have been up to. Well here it is!

Reactor Chaos 1

A Nice Kill.

Why call it Reactor Chaos?

The name Reactor Chaos describes it perfectly. I probably know what your thinking. Here we go again, another reactor map with fusion coils and a bunch of man cannons. This map is different; it doesn't even have a fusion coil placed on it. The layout has been shaped in the form of a square to symbolize containment protocols the UNSC enforced on a regular basis to maintain reactor stability. If you haven't guessed it already, this map is based solely around a working reactor, partially I was getting frustrated with sound repetition of fusion coils exploding and also I wanted to bring something new to the table. If your thinking that it will just be boring without the fusion coils. Think Again! Now I would really like to move onto the layout.

The Layout

As I've mentioned earlier this map variant is in the form of a square, and comprises of a center structure that I am referring to as a reactor. As crazy as I am for calling this centerpiece a reactor, I still would like to bring up how I have replaced the fun of fusion coils with some new toys. Don't quote me on this, but I call them the Marine Conveyors. There are two of these Marine Conveyors built into the base of the reactor facility each with their own standard soccer ball used in order to do the reacting. I have made sure to position them within the base so that competitive game play is not effected by these deadly toys. Don't get too scared to access one. The layout may seem a bit crowded at first, just go with it. Once game play starts you may find yourself asking where the hell am I? It's alright, I the forger, have gotten lost as well. This UNSC facility has enforced a great deal of safety protocols within the layout, you will find two watch towers, both with birds' eye views of the reactor, in case of complications. I could probably continue all day with this layout scheme, but I really would like to move onto what kind of games this map supports.

Gametype Information

This map is great for slayer games that consist of 3v3, 2v2, or even some free for all action of up to 6/7/8 players. This map supports all game types except for vip. I recommend playing king of the hill on this map, it can just get crazy!

Don't think I am done just yet with the game types! I'm just getting started! Remember those Marine Conveyors I was talking about earlier? Well it just so happens, that I've placed a couple of hammers hidden just outside the reactor beside some stairs. Here's a picture so you can understand where it is: Hammers There should be one on both sides of the map so you don't have to run to a certain side to get one. As soon as you grab one go through the teleporter, which should take you into the conveyors. Now try playing a little game of staying alive within the conveyor. Take the hammer and wack away at the soccer ball so it will go down the hole near the teleporter. This is the fun part. See if you can dodge the ball when it shoots back up!! Don't even think for a second it can't kill you. Trust me here, I've had some pretty gruesome deaths myself. Check out the pics, below of a teammate in action!

Weapons List

I just wanted to thank chimerathe5th for being a good friend and helping me place them. I've always had problems with placing weapons. I tend to put all the big bad ones on the map.

Assault Riffle x 1
Brute Shot x 2
Frag Grenades x 8
Hammers x 2
Mauler x 1
Needler x 2
Pistol x 2
Plasma Pistol x 2
Plasma Rifles x 2
Radar Jammer x 1
Smgs x 8
Spike Grenades x 4
Spikers x 4
Sticky Grenades x 4
Sword x 1

Aesthetics & Gameplay

Incorporating aesthetics into a map designed for close combat game play isn't always easy. I made this map, with the thought of keeping game play as my top priority, however aesthetics wanted to work itself in there also. The reactor's heat sink is a good example of my prioritization for gameplay. Above all it provides a good connection between both sides of the map to make sure the gameplay stays coherent, while at the same time it serves an aesthetic purpose of being the reactor's heatsink. It was on the final night of its creation I had realized every object except weapons and standard movable objects had been interlocked at least once. As well there is a countless amount of geo-merging that appears throughout this map.


Action Shots

Fighting For The Flag!
A Flag? Some Geomerging? What?
Looking for the flag?
Can I please have the flag back?
It's my flag!
Quit Hiding.

Layout Shots

The Base of Reactor - 1st & 2nd Floors
The Reactor. Wow, I look pretty short. - 1st Floor
Aerial View of the Reactor. - 1st & 2nd Floors
Destroyable Pallets & Some Geo-merging. - 3rd Floor
Without some Junk. - 3rd Floor.
Aerial of The Reactor Heatsink / Bridge - 3rd Floor
Nice Side Shot of Bridge / Reactor Heatsink - 3rd Floor
Needle Towers. - 4th Floor
Sword Area. - 4th Floor

Custom Game Shots

Killed Randomly By Deadly Soccer Ball.
A soccer ball takes no mercy! Don't Be Surprised by this shot!

The Final Journey

Well now that I've probably gone on writing a book about this map's description, I hope someone actually checks this map out. If no one actually does that's alright too. I always have been fond of talking to myself. All comments / suggestions are welcomed!!!

Forgehub Post: Click Here.

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  • 10.01.2008 7:45 PM PDT
Subject: Reactor Chaos 1 - The Proper Version.
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Hey dude! Looks like a really sweet map. I can't wait until I play on it. I'll let you know how it is after I see it.

  • 10.01.2008 7:48 PM PDT

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.
Posted by: tacomaster13
-Thanks to Rocket Turtle for pointing out my typing follies.

i've queued it; i'll be back with feedback 2morrow

  • 10.01.2008 9:38 PM PDT
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Looks good, downloaded.

  • 10.02.2008 9:08 AM PDT

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WOW l hear a download on the way!

  • 10.02.2008 9:24 AM PDT

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