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"Maginot Line" by Cheapo9000 on 07.08.2008
The ancient untold story of good vs evil where only a giant wall & your effort separates the galaxy from distruction.4-18player
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  • Map: Avalanche
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Subject: Map Variant

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This is one of my favorite maps. It is a great capture the flag map as well as any other team game. The basics of the map are, the defenders start on one side with mainly vehicles only while the attackers start off with heavy weapons and teleporters in front of them. The teleporters take you to different points on your side of the map. The middle of the map with the caves is blocked from the attackers side and the opening at the end is walled up allowing only one way the attackers can pass through it at the top. Both teams can scale the wall from their respective sides. The teleporter on the top of the wall will start off blocked but can be opened allowing attackers a different point of entry. A teleporter at the bottom of the wall on the defending side allows access to the top of the wall.

Weapons on defenders side:
Battle Rifles
1 rocket launcher
Weapons on attackers side:
2 spartan lasers
1 fuel rod cannon
1 rocket launcher

2 invisibility power ups
bubble shields
1 trip mine
gernades of all types

Vehicles on map:
1 hornet
1 tank
1 chopper
1 mongoose
1 warthog

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