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"D-Day" by Panzerwurfer on 09.27.2008
The largest fleet in history lands at Normandy, France
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Subject: Map Variant
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Soldier Takes Cover

D-Day on Foundry. Unlike any on Last Resort, the Foundry D-Day allows incredible flexibility in terms of level design. This map features a bunker to act as the center of the German defense, a Sea Wall that can be scaled or roped over, and a class system that results in more teamwork than on most other D-Day maps.

The Allies start in one of two Higgins Boats. From here, they must advance up the beach, possibly taking cover behind a beached Higgins Boat. While they are advancing, they'll be taking murderous fire from the cliffs (where the Germans have set up a bunker equipped with MG42s), but a quick trigger finger and steady aim should allow them to suppress the Germans enough to advance to the cliff face. From here, the MG42s can't hit anyone and any infantry on the cliff would have to leave cover to shoot down. The Allies have a choice of scaling the cliff on the right side (where there's a slope just steep enough to climb up) or climbing the ropes (simulated with a grav lift at the foot of the cliff on the left side). Once up the cliffs, the Allied soldiers can turn the tables on the Germans, shooting them as they come out of their bunkers.

Machine Gunner

The Allies spawn in a room separated from the rest of the map and divided into four sections. The player will spawn in either the room for the Rifleman, Light Machine Gunner, Support, or Sniper rooms. The Rifleman is the most common class since there are 20 spawn points in this room. As a Rifleman, you can choose to equip yourself with either a carbine (10 second spawn) or an smg (20 second spawn). The Light Machine Gunner gets a BAR and overshields. The Support player gets either a rocket launcher (30 second spawn), a grenade launcher (20 second respawn), or a shotgun (10 second respawn). The Sniper gets a sniper rifle and active camo. Once the player has their weapon, they head through the teleporter and spawn in or around one of two Higgins Boats. From here, they can assault the cliff.

The German side is set up more simply for budgetary reasons. You spawn in an underground bunker and choose your weapon on the way to the surface. However, the bunker you spawn in decideds your weapons. One has grenades, Assault Rifles, and carbines. The other has a shotgun and smgs. The last has a sniper rifle.

Bunker Destroyed

I have no set gametype for this map, but this one is recommended:
.no shields
.90% weapon damage
.150% gravity
.starting weapon magnum
.forced color green
.3 second respawn

The rest of the rules are just recommended, but NO STARTING GRENADES IS ESSENTIAL!!! The Germans get the high ground and with starting grenades it just turns into a spamming match. 150% gravity is just enough to be able to scale the cliff but not enough to seem like a Spartan jumper. 90% damage is to take into account the fact that Halo weapons are more powerful than their WWII counterparts. No shields isn't neccesary, but I think it adds a more realistic feel and makes gameplay quicker. Besides, it makes it ALOT easier to kill the MG42 gunners.

If you have a better gametype, find a flaw in the map, or just feel like commenting, feel free to do so.

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u totally don't have to listen but wouldn't it be cool if you added man cannons with fusion coils on them shooting at the beach like mortars?

  • 01.09.2009 1:05 PM PST


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