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"Cheater caught!" by Ember Rubeus on 10.08.2008
Team SWAT on NarrowSWAT, Wednesday October 8, 2008 08:17:51
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  • Map: Narrows
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Subject: Film
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Hello. I recently made an account because a good friend of mine kept telling me about how cool it would be to play Halo with him. I've kept up to date on things from him constantly telling me & in my first night - the first 3 matches I played even, I caught someone cheating. This person SterkSide got shot in the head repeatidly - see video - in a swat match, yet ended the game with a Ranked Perfection (at the time he had NO Halo Achievments & a gamerscore of 100). I have heard this and that about how Bungie is autodetecting cheaters, but I've watched for the last 2 months every night when my friend plays the fact that if they are indeed autodetecting cheaters they arnt doing a good job of it - case in point this video, or one of the many my friend has (one even shows people using like an infinite jump hack where they float in the air for an entire match!) I'm not sure if Bungie is devoting the majority of its time looking for cheaters in playlists like Lonewolves or what but I'd highly suggest they devote a chunk of time to checking out the Swat playlist - especially during the hours of midnight to 5-6am my time, because I have witnessed so many things that defy swat rules - like the people floating in the air, or people getting beat down 5 times & not dying, people getting shot in the head with 2 full battle rifle clips & not dying or the most common people Lag Switching to the point where they get in the lead & then stop with a large gap of 20 kills or something rediculous - or people becoming dead weights when their team is loosing because someone actueally possess SKILL then no matter how many times their team gets shot in the head they dont die & the team comes back & wins. These are not just random here-and-there events, every night in every 3 or 4 matches something like this happens. It really ruins the entire game for people who arnt cheating & it makes those of us who are honest & have followed Halo for a long while only to finally pick it up and be destroyed by cheaters really doubt the effectivness of Bungie, their banhammer, & the community itself. Say for example someone from Bungie yells at me for posting this because I'm complaining about all of this then that solidifies things even more. I have actueally seen people (not Bungie Employees) with Recon Armors that cheat to the point of it being ludicrits. What kind of signal does that send out to the honest players? It says that even if 'cheating is being autodetected' chances are instead of getting banned or in trouble for cheating they get rewarded with a magnificent prize which was suppose to be reserved for the honest SKILLED people who play. Believe me I understand that this is all just a game & people cheat, as so many flamers are sure to say - but when I save up money to buy an Xbox 360 souly for this game to play with my friends after months of them bugging me to only to have cheater after blaitent cheater show up its more than I care to deal with. Something really NEEDS to be done about these people more so than what is being done. Focus the attention of the banning program or device or whatnot to Swat for a few days, not just here or there will you find a crazy amount of cheaters, but nearly every other match. I'm all for Lonewolves being monitored, but for the love of God please do something for those of us who dont want to play Lonewolves or another mainstream playlist. All players in the community who play honestly I feel deserve equal rights & those that dont play honestly - no matter what playlist they play in deserve to be punished for degrading the entire community, bringing more and more people to want to quit playing because of the cheaters, or people (that I know) who have actueally sold their Xboxs because its gotten so far out of control in the last few months. If people want to flame me for complaining go on ahead. Im sure Bungie is doing its best to do something about this to a certain degree but when there are still so many out there that cheat or hack or lag switch its very discerning. IF Bungie needs help catching these people, community members step up as I did & post videos or screen shots of cheaters so they get in trouble - atleast if Bungie looks far enough to find the things we post. I am simply asking that something - either devoting more manpower or upping the autodetect time, or even checking out diffrent playlists such as swat more frequently be done. I did not just waste $600.00 on a 360 (yeah I got it before the price drop & couldnt get Halo until now) just to want to sell it already. For the love of God & all that is holy Bungie PLEASE stop this guy Sterkside & step up the banhammer so these cheaters that are on every damn day get what's comming to them. If you want to see that video I mentioned of those people who float in the air (it was on the Narrows btw) please message me & I'll have my friend re-upload it to his file share for you. He had it posted on the old forum version but Bungie never so much as looked at it to Ban those people either...Bungie please just do something about this, its rediculous....

  • 10.08.2008 6:44 AM PDT

The guy who does the stuff, with the things, and goes to the place where the stuff happens and the things merge together and explode. Satisfied?

seems like my experience, head to head on the pit, the cheater doing stuff that isn't possible without cheating, like shotting thru walls, perfect slicks/perfect sniper headshots, multiple sniper shots and not dying (1 was headshot), man, i hope he was banned big time. Man i totally feel your pain, only this is the only clip i've bothered to save, some ppl need to get caught, i versed a general, who looked awesome, in the game, he like did totally impossible things, man, i get so angry over them, i consider quiting, but that makes me look worse.

  • 10.15.2008 4:21 AM PDT


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