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"Rats Nest Heavy" by Lodum on 10.08.2008
Rat's Nest focused on heavy vehicles and weaponry.
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  • Map: Rat's Nest
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Subject: Map Variant
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Remember to tag, rate, and comment, folks >_O (Sorry if this is a double post...)

Designed as a Heavy Variant of "Rat's Nest", Rats Nest Heavy focuses the combat on Heavy Vehicles and weaponry, but avoids the standard Laser fest of normal Heavy maps by only having a single Laser (which would be devastating in Rat's Nest's long hallways).

Each base has access to 2 Rocket Launchers (each with 4 rounds and a 2 1/2 minute respawn) along with a Warthog, Gauss hog, Scorpion, and 4 Mongooses. Inside, in the innermost rooms, on the upper level each team also has a Sniper Rifle (1 extra clip).

Extra cover for infantry has been added, such as Open Containers on the inside corners, and a Double Box on the outside.

Spawns, which always seem to be an issue when I play default Rat's Nest, have been changed dramatically. The respawn areas themselves have been enlarged, to account for the presence of enemies, and areas themselves have been, for the most part, moved to inner areas. The spawns outside of the main base, as in the starting area, have been eliminated almost completely. Teams will still start there, but never respawn there in the line of fire.

Perhaps the best change, however, is the combination of Mongooses and heavy weaponry. 2 of the 4 Mongooses available to each base are placed close to Anti-Vehicle weaponry (Spike Grenades, Rocket Launcher, Brute Shot) and competent speedsters can use them to their advantage.

  • 10.19.2008 2:00 PM PDT

i love it, now if someone could make last resort heavy that would beat all :)

  • 02.03.2009 7:14 PM PDT

A very well made Heavy variant. Shame that it's not in Matchmaking.

  • 06.08.2010 3:31 PM PDT

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