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"CANDY MACHINE" by iSkate248 on 10.12.2008
CANDY MACHINE by iSkate248
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant

Candy Machine! Yay! Everyone loves candy (exept for people with braces)... So I decided to make a Candy/Nade Machine activated by the press of a button. After pressing said button it drops 2 fusion coils into a mancannon, then fired at another FC that is on top of 2 face-down grav lifts on a min/max. The grav lifts are destroyed causing 2 more to apear on the wep holders Turning the bridge w/ a pile of nades ontop into a working 1-way convator belt. The grenades now exit the machine into the tray ready to be picked up. It works like this: Push Button--->BOOM!--->Machine Activates--->Candy Falls in Tray...

BTW i am testing which equipment("Treats") will fit the machine so far a tripmine("Cookie") can fit through.
Note: The "Candy" is on instant respawn so you must pick up the granades for more to come out.

Now for those of you who are still confused here are some pics...

Overview - I added a Base just to make it blend in more...

Button Overview - The Inside of the button before its pressed.

Switch Unactivated - I took off the walls to show you what it looks like...

Me Pressing The Button - Causing...

GravityLifts BOOM! - The powerup gets picked up causing the fusion coils to drop into the mancannon causing the cannon to launch them into another fusion coil and 2 gravlifts causing them to explode.

Switch Activated - The 2 gravlifts are on a min/max causing the other 2 GL's to spawn on the weapon holders...(once again i uncovered the switch to show you the inside)

Candy Pile - These slide across the bridge as shown in the previous Image

The Tray - Aprox. 3-5 seconds after pressing the button, some "Candy" will fall into the tray...
And if somehow the candy gets stuck on the belt just throw a Nade through the crack and the blast from the nade and the Fusion coils should fix it...

H3Artificer Post

LGnation Post

Thnx for reading (Its my first Switch/Map Post)
Plz Download, Rate and Comment! :D

- Nick

[Edited on 10.14.2008 12:38 PM PDT]

  • 10.12.2008 4:49 PM PDT

I like it a lot Nick ^_^. Good job on creating this, much better than mine.

  • 10.12.2008 5:36 PM PDT


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