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"Brig. General" by ToiR GNiNNuR on 10.22.2008
lvl 45
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  • Map: Cold Storage
  • Size: 147.52 KB

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Subject: Screenshot

Kevin J
I am in fact not fat and am however chinese for those ignorant white people who think all asians are the same. i speak english so if you don't understand what i'm saying sometimes, it's always better to stay in school. if you still don't understand or refuse to accept that i'm am in fact a a non-fat human being, then you are an idiot

thats a cool combination. but i don't think the brigadiers and the generals would want to unite. lol.

hence the competition between me and that other guy who made the General picture.

  • 10.22.2008 9:47 PM PDT


wish i had that rank. 5/5

  • 11.05.2008 6:24 PM PDT

Halo 3 online championship.


  • 11.06.2008 7:46 PM PDT

Stop arguing over imaginary -blam!-. May as well argue over Santa Claus. There will never be proof that there is/was a god - and before people start saying "HERP DERP PROVE THERE WASN'T ONE ROFLOLOL" well, you are the people who made it up in the first place so we know there isn't one
What created the big bang then? A coalition of genetically modified TR-909s with extra distortion?

The only person i have played with that is a brigader general played over 10,000 plus games which is kinda sad......

  • 11.12.2008 9:24 AM PDT

Does anyone even read these?

Damn that's pretty.

  • 11.12.2008 11:50 PM PDT

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