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"Dungeon Riddle" by Frozenghost001 on 10.04.2008
[Use gametype Riddle Trials] You are trapped inside a dungeon and you need to find your way out. Beware: There are a few traps!
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  • Map: Foundry
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My old YouTube channel got banned while I was on vacation. Please subscribe to my new one to help me get back up to 20,000+ subs: (

YouTube Walkthrough Guide:

This puzzle is not like my other puzzles. This puzzle has multi-step puzzles, as well as my usual, 1 or 2 step puzzles. I'll go more into that below. This had to be my hardest puzzle to actually make, because of the object limit, and how the Paradox Forger's new money glitch stopped working all of a sudden and I had to wrap this puzzle up. But that's no big deal, it's still hard as hell and will ake you longer than any of my puzzles ever built! Really!
Rooms: 6
1-Step Puzzles: 2
Complex Puzzles: 4
Contains spoilers!!

Room 1: This is the starting room, and also the first complex puzzle you come across. You're prison cell is open for some strange reason. And so is most of the other ones. Guess it's time for...JAILBREAK!! *There are traps in this puzzle*

Room 2: The first 1-step puzzle out of 2. This one isn't too hard. Just find what you need to find and make that gravity lift blow up! Also, this doesn't involve shooting under, or around, the shield door! Just as a hint.

Room 3: The second, and one of the hardest, complex puzzles you will incounter. If you have played TheCartographer's "Dungeon" puzzle map, this will seem almost like an exact copy. It is, in a way, but I changed it around a bit. For me, and most of my testers, this is much harder then Cartographer's replica. Why? You'll see when you play it.

Room 4: This is also a multi-step, complex puzzle. This one was also based on one of TheCartographer's puzzles, but I forgot which one it was. Anyways, a bunch of crates. No hidden weapons. The teleporter is easily seen if you look up in a corner. But, how do you get up there?? That's the question. This technique requires you to know a certain glitch. *There are traps in this puzzle*

Room 5: the last, and hardest, complex puzzle in the map. This one reminds me of Hide and Seek. There's a whole bunch of crap all over the place. The doorway to the next, and last, room is sealed shut. And, to make sure it's truely sealed, there's a shield door to revent people from knocking over or destroying the door. So, you must find a way to open it. Looks like we need to do a little seeking to find the key to this one. *There is a trap in this puzzle*

Room 6: I couldn't really think of anything hard to put in this one, since the money glitch stopped working at this point. With bearly anything to use, and such a low amount of it, I had to build something. So, this is the last 1-step puzzle in the map. And not an easy one, as it may seem to be. You must know how to time your jumps right to be able to pass this one!

End Spoilers
Alright, so you beat my latest puzzle. Good for you. Did you do it without using the tuturial? If you did, you are truely a puzzle master. Even I couldn't beat it without using the guide now, cause the last time I played it before Christmas Eve was when it was finalized! Two and a half months ago!

Also, if you don't go through the king hill at the end, and jump over the fence, there's some mongeese for your driving pleasures. You can see what the map actually looks like. And, there's some stunt jumps scattered around that you can do.

I hope you enjoyed my puzzle. Please download, rate, and comment on the puzzle below. This will help improve on my next, and last, puzzle map "Finale Riddle". If you would like to help, send me a message over xbox live (GT: Frozenghost001) stating you want to help me, and we'll get down to forge and build this thing. So far, I only completed the first room. Shame on me.

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