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"Tremor n' Mouse" by teh mastar on 10.24.2008
Tremors meets Cat n Mouse - Super crazy fun time guaranteed - for use with Tremor n' Mouse gametype -
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Subject: Map Variant
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ossim :>

  • 10.24.2008 8:41 PM PDT

Im a Ferret, A Badger Ferret.

Love it great idea it is so simple yet so fun

  • 10.25.2008 6:18 AM PDT

I downloded origanal, It's the same gametype right.

  • 10.25.2008 11:58 AM PDT
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Click here for ForgeHub thread which includes many pictures and some finer details

I was playing some customs the other day, Tremor Cliffs to be exact.. And I thought.. The funnest thing about Tremors is being the Tremor and splattering people. Then I realised that the most exciting part of Cat N' Mouse is being the mice and running away.

So... Why not combine the best of both worlds?

Tremor N' Mouse uses the infection gametype to bring a fresh and exciting twist on two classic mini games.

__________________________________________________ _

How the game works

Its Tremor vs. Mice.
At the start of the game the mice are free to frolic in the rolling meadows of their cage..

Until 20 seconds into the round, a grav lift spawns. Allowing the infected player access to the Chopper.

So at about 30 seconds in, the Tremor is in the mouse cage. His ROFL Chopper goes OM NOM NOM NOM.

The Tremor boosts into the panicking mice, exploding them in a shower of blood and fire.
Mice only have one life per round, they ain't no cats yo.

More and more mice fall victim to the Tremor's powerfull OM NOM NOMs. The Tremor gains one point from each mouse he/she eats.
Untill only one is left..
The Last Mouse Standing gains 5 points for his efforts, but death is inevitable.


Quick info

* Tremor gains one point per Mouse kill
* Last mouse standing earns 5 points
* Five rounds total
* Five Minute Round time limit
* One life per round for the mice.

I gave the mice a 10m motion tracker, allowing them to glimpse a gigantic red blip in the lower left hand corner of their eyes and yelping OH SHI- before getting slammed.

The Tremor too, has a 10m Motion tracker, he/she can feel the vibrations of the mice as they scurry around in fear.

Tremor should not try and follow the mice around, but instead attempt to predict their route choice and cut them off with a boost mega OM NOM to the face.

Mice need to stay moving as much as possible, these Tremors are smart y'all. If the mice fall over or spin out, they're pretty much done for.


* Pretty much everything has been Geo Merged
* New obstacles added
* Tremor player is now invisible, so it looks as if an empty Chopper is chasing you.
* Extended wallplant bank.
* New jump interlocked into wall, and geo merged into the ground. Near the man cannon.
* Towering new structures made from stairs, have replaced the dumpsters.
* I have set the Mongeese to respawn - Never.
* Added respawn points to let players who join mid game spawn inside the map.
* Cleaned up interlocks and Geo Merges around the map.

Honour Rules
Ofcourse.. there are some little rules...

* Hijacking of the Tremor is prohibited and will result in the offending mouse being booted from the game. Mice and Graboids are two different species. They can't produce viable offspring.
* The Tremor isnot allowed to shoot at the Mice with its cannons. That's unfair as it knocks them over. Don't play with your food ya know?
* This last rule isn't as important. Mice should try and stay in their vehicles at all times. Mice can't walk on two legs! That's crazy talk.

[Edited on 10.26.2008 1:15 AM PDT]

  • 10.26.2008 1:04 AM PDT

*Looking up in the sky* "What's that grampa John?"*The blue blob sticks to the girl and begins to sizzle.*

"No comment" is a comment- George Carlin

Yes, this is featured in forgehub, its an amazing map people.

  • 11.07.2008 2:57 PM PDT

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