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"iiiiiiiiii" by anubisland on 11.05.2008
i can fly
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  • Map: Blackout
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Community Reviewers
Reviewer: Dylan120596
Rank: [Junior Reviewer]

Screenshot Idea: 4/10
Screenshot Execution: 6/10
Screenshot Emotion: 8/10
Screenshot Lighting: 9/10
Screenshot Colours: 7/10

Comments:This review will begin in the order that your ratings were administered. Your idea I rated very badly. I feel that pictures like this have now lost there flare. Back when predater started prototyping these pictures with classics like gargoyle and alien, these pictures used to be a hit. But, not, everyone knows how to do it, and thus everyone has one. Forgive me if this seems crude but, I feel it to be the truth. Your screenshot execution could have been better simply by shifting the character of the spartan over a little to the right. It looks as if the spartan has one wing longer than the other to make the physics of the picture to be correct. Do not misunderstand what I am saying though, your pose is definately top notch, I merely feel that a simple change in position would make it even better. The emotion portrayed in this picture is amazing. I just feel it pouring out of the screen into my veins. It looks as if your spartan is getting ready to face a hardship like none other. Like he is about to jump headfirst into battle, and never look back, until his journey is done. Your lighting only amplifies the feeling of cinematic proportions. It most definately contributes to the overall effect of the picture. Moving on to your color choices, I feel that you could have done a bit better. I think using the color black would have been great. It would have given the character of the spartan a feeling of evil and darkness, which would have contributed to the evil within this spartan. You could also have used dark violet, this would have matched with the plasma in the snipers which were used in the creation of the wings.I feel that these colors would have a dramatic effect just as important as the lighting. That segment of the review marks the overall end of the review as a whole. I must return to the subject of originality. I feel, that although this picture is by no means very original, it is most definately unique. Your pose is great and so is the type of wings that you have created. Most of them look the same as all the rest of them, yours are unique. Great job on the picture, and Thank You for Reading.

P.S.: One thing that I had forgot to comment on was your description. I feel that you should have added a description. And your name of the pic could have been loads better. Simply "!!!!!!", is not really enough to create the effect you are going for I believe. I feel that this "knight" was meant for something more than exclamation points. I believe that having a name such as "It's On" would have been perfect. For a name like that you would not even be required to have a description. For your lack of description, I am going to take half of a point of the overall feeling, it might of been more, but he emotion is clearly portrayed here, so half of a point is enough. Remember that descriptions are very important. They say volumes about pictures. Like before, Great Job, and Thank You for Reading.

Overall: 7.5/10

~ [Dylan120596]
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  • 11.05.2008 11:10 AM PDT
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normal picture more please : )

un handicaper

  • 12.22.2008 5:00 PM PDT

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