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"H3JvsWW Game 5" by Excardon on 06.14.2008
H3J vs Winged Warriors in Multi Flag on Standoff
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  • Map: Standoff
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Remember Reach


  • 11.13.2008 8:35 AM PDT

Stop arguing over imaginary -blam!-. May as well argue over Santa Claus. There will never be proof that there is/was a god - and before people start saying "HERP DERP PROVE THERE WASN'T ONE ROFLOLOL" well, you are the people who made it up in the first place so we know there isn't one
What created the big bang then? A coalition of genetically modified TR-909s with extra distortion?

Posted by: SweptbackFlame
Posted by: KaucasianAzn
seriously people, are you all that dumb? When they say that Halo.3.junk is on Bungie Favs, it means they get to chose what goes on, not Bungie, so all of you need to chillax and pay the blam! attention. Plus, there are all obviously from the same author, and if you look closely, it somewhat resembles pictures from a competition between Halo 3 Junk and some other group of people. Besides, its nice for a change instead of having random pictures of ppl with snipers and "wtf? how did he do that?" effects
SO that makes it okay than what CLAN is this???????? Its not KSI,UEG,KGB,RTG,THE LIST GOES ON I KNOW THEY PICK FAVS BUT IS THAT A GOOD EXCUSE FOR MAKEING ME AND other PEOPLE ANGRY ---NO---. my friend absolutely need to grow up. The reason we're not in the group you just listed is because we're not trash talking homos, which UEG, KSI, KGB, RTG do.

Now keep crying, I just laugh at you all for taking bungie favorites so -blam!- serious lol...

It's also called friendly competitive gaming, probably something you've never heard of.
Why cant u BASH me in a thread and bring your but buddys with you.

  • 11.13.2008 11:19 AM PDT
Subject: Screenshot
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You can try and try but you can't polish a turd.

  • 11.13.2008 12:08 PM PDT

ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why you no Give Halo4?

my screenshots are better...

  • 11.13.2008 12:34 PM PDT

Group is Soldiers of War, ask for invite if you're interested

I'm getting a little confused as to how pics like this one get on faves, even though it has a 15% rating!

I mean, does anyone else have an answer, because I can't think of one.

  • 11.13.2008 12:41 PM PDT


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