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"Temple Mount" by BORG k79 on 11.08.2008
Ascend to the Apex of this Monument to reach Enlightenment. 2 - 8 Players FFA / Team Slayer / 1Flag CTF / Oddball / KOTH
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant
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Relent [=]

Temple Mount Slideshow Walkthrough

Ceated by BORG k79

Supported Gametypes:

FFA - Team Slayer - K.O.T.H. - OddBall - CTF (1Flag, Multi)

Map Description

TEMPLE MOUNT is a Symmetrical Map, designed mainly for Slayer gametypes but is also set up for 1 Flag CTF. It consists of a huge Monument that spans the length of Foundry. Tombstones are scattered below a Sniper Tower at the base of the Temple. The Temple itself has 3 levels: Apex (top level), Middle Chamber, Sword Chamber (ground level). I have learnt alot from my previous maps and feel as though I have nailed the weapon placements on this map. Feel free to change it up if you see fit. MLG players might not find this map to be their style, however if it is requested I will post an MLG Varient.

This map uses the Ultimate Budget Glitch, and sad to say I have reached the item limit. So if you choose to edit the map be careful what you delete.

Weapons List

x4 - Battle Rifle
x3 - Covenant Carbine
x3 - Brute Shot
x2 - Mauler
x8 - Spiker
x3 - SMG
x3 - Plasma Rifle
x2 - Plasma Pistol
x1 - Needler
x1 - Sniper
x1 - Shotgun
x1 - Sword
x1 - Bubble Shield

Plenty of Frag and Plasma Grenades are spread symmetrically around the map.


Enjoy and send Feedback

  • 11.08.2008 3:53 PM PDT

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Wow qued!

  • 11.14.2008 3:21 PM PDT

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This map looks pretty cool (and BIG.) Looks good for big parties, and based on the screenshots, I find it hard to imagine how this would be a good map for 2 players. I would tentatively suggest that you up the player count in your description. Of course, to really judge, I should download it first. I'm making a big temple-based map, and I think I'll download this one, at least out of curiosity.

[Edited on 11.22.2008 4:23 PM PST]

  • 11.22.2008 4:16 PM PDT

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