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"Death Star Run" by Cheapo9000 on 11.13.2008
Join the rebels for the trench run or imperials & defend the Death Star. 6-18 players Gametype: Episode IV. Creator: Cheapo9000
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  • Map: Avalanche
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Subject: Map Variant

Join a fun and extremely active group. Forge, Machinima, Halo
__________ The Spartan Special Ops ___________

This map should be played with Episode IV gametype for the full effect. It is a VIP type game with a twist. There is one VIP who is always the VIP. Everyone can fly vehicles. The VIP is a little stronger with a better radar and such. The map takes up half the map. All the buildings not a part of the game are blocked up with energy walls. The Rebels spawn on platforms in the air with Banshees and Hornets on them. The Imperials spawn on a platform at the end of the trench. The Imperials can stay on the platform and defend the trench with turrets or take the teleporter out. Once off the platform you cannot return. There are lasers and rockets right outside that teleporter with 4 other teleporters around. Those 4 take you to the different towers along the side of the trench. If you run above there's a teleporter that take you to the tank stuck floating in the air, it's a turret. You may come and go from the tank as you please, same goes for the towers. The trench is floating high in the air. It's designed to allow Banshees to stay low and safe from laser blasts but open to attack from the turrets. At the end of the trench where it meets the turrets is the VIP point. Think strategically and try to get the VIP to it as fast as you can. Points go to Imperials for killing VIP and points go for Rebels for reaching the VIP point. First to 3 wins, with 5 rounds. There is also a teleporter at the end of the trench that takes you to a platform above the trench. That's designed for CTF games and Assault. All are supported except you have to change all the spawn points to opposite teams for everything else but VIP (which is what this is designed for). Everyone starts with pistols and Imperials have infinite ammo.

Weapons on map:
8 spartan lasers
6 rocket launchers

1 bubble shield

4 Banshees
2 Hornets

  • 11.13.2008 11:02 PM PDT
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ill check it out as soon as my brother gets off the xbox......-_-

  • 01.24.2009 7:16 PM PDT


I downloaded this! it sounds good. Please, if anyone finds more star wars maps or game types, contact me! pkchristian is the gt.

  • 03.04.2009 7:28 PM PDT

i downloaded the 2nd 1 and it was good. this one should be okay 2 :)

  • 06.22.2009 6:12 PM PDT

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