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"DoogNitized v2" by doognit on 11.19.2008
Skate Park made by Doog Nit. Best played with no more than 12 people. Many jumps, rails, stairs, bowls, and more!
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant
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Created by Doog Nit (duh!)
Download v1
Download v2 (NEW)

A skate park made by Doog Nit which features many ramps, turns, rails, bowls, and more!

Game Variants Featured:
Download Skate
Download Team Skate


This skate park was inspired by all other skate parks made on Forge Hub. I first thought they were awesome, but then realized that they didn't really "look" like skate parks. So I decided to take it upon myself to make a skate park that resembles one near my neighborhood in real life.

There are an infinite number of tricks you can possibly do, but for the basics, there are 2 bowls, 2 quarter pipes, a half pipe, 2 rails, one set of stairs, and my favorite, wheelie machines :D (You'll get that later) The main concept of the map is for fun and when you have nothing to do on halo. Like when you have hour long stick battles with your online friend in the Blue Room. Yes, I know you have done it. lol.

Ok so let me explain the Wheelie Machine. I believe I'm the first one to do this, but correct me if I'm wrong. Ok so what I did is put doors in the ground at the exact angle where you can ramp onto, but not over, the door. So what you do is you keep driving forward while on the door and turn right or left. Once you are off the edge of the door, you should either fail or, well, do a wheelie! It works about 90% of the time if you do it correctly. Here's some pics showing the wheelie machines.

The ramps
Executing the perfect wheelie :) f
And yes, you can do it backwards too :D jpg

I have also made a couple game variants for the map called "Skate" and "Team Skate." these are pretty much Rocket Race with shotguns instead of rockets. "Skate" is the same thing, but by yourself with obviously just a mongoose. You can find them at the top of the post, but I'll put them here as well. There are a total of 7 Go To Points placed strategically all around the map on the skate park and off of it. Including every area of the inside of the map (Yes even the back areas.)

Download "Skate"
Download "Team Skate"

Anyway, the focus was for fun and I think I nailed it here. Make sure you DL and rate one the top and if you think the map is good enough, maybe even give me some positive rep! :)

Thanks for checking the map out, have fun!

Forging 101:

[ YES ] __Floating Objects
[ YES ] __Instant Respawn
[ YES ] __Immovable Objects
[ ___ ] __Timed Map Events
[ YES ] __Effective Spawn Placement
[ ___ ] __Gravity Lift Techniques
[ ___ ] __Objects Placed in Water
[ ___ ] __Used Symmetry Option
[ YES ] __Interlocking Objects
[ YES ] __Objects Merged with Map Geometry
[ YES ] __Unlimited Budget Glitch

Here's some pics of the map itself. (Soccer Ball has been removed completely)
Overview 1

Overview 2 g

First Bowl

Me Grinding on the first rail

Second Bowl

Stairs and second railing

The "Pyramid"
Spectator's Box Teleporter g
Spectator's Box g
~NEW~ Vehicle/Human Spawns (Same place, but there are more of each vehicle) jpg
~NEW~ All 7 Go To Points (The Go To Point that is on the Foundry Floor is the first one that you rush for so that everyone has a fair shot at it.) s.gif

Download DoogNitized v1

Download DoogNitized v2 (NEW)

  • 11.19.2008 1:38 PM PDT

amazing map! gj!

  • 11.19.2008 4:24 PM PDT

If you like euphemisms, you can refer to the rank resets as "prestiging".

This map is off the CHAIN! Awesome.

  • 11.20.2008 12:14 PM PDT
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Finally a good skate map! The wheelie machine is awesome and i give it a 5/5! :)

  • 11.20.2008 3:30 PM PDT

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Community Reviewers
Reviewer:Conor mc ireland
Rank:Junior reviewer
Map Review-Doognitized V2

Map Idea: 9.5/10
Map Looks: 9/10
Map Gameplay: 7.5/10
Map Construction: 10/10
Map Features:10 /10

Comments:Wow, l have not seen any kind of skate park in my life!The skate park looked very good, but under the park was not as great.Now the gameplay for the map was meant to be 100% fun which it is, but most of your destination sites were not even on the park! l think that might need to be changed a bit.The construction of the park was amazing, a well deserved 10/10. Even better was the classic features included!

My only suggestion to improve your map is to change the destination areas, the rest was fantastic!

Overall: 9.4/10

~Conor mc ireland
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  • 11.22.2008 4:22 AM PDT

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