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"Trjty Ball v3" by Predicide on 11.22.2008
Trajectory ball, for induced velocity scoring systems. Play ball!! (version 3)
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Subject: Assault Game Variant

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For Trajectory Range

My submission for the Ghosts of Onyx June contest is Trajectory Range. It's a one bomb assault game in which teams score as many points as they can in their 2 minute round. Attackers follow the teleporters through the bomb room (featuring a lovely bay window), where one member grabs the ball. The whole team then goes through the next teleporter and are launched in an arc via the corner mancannon. They are exposed to fire from the defenders on the ground as they fly through the sky on the way to the plant point. It's up to the non-bomb-carrying members to provide suppressive fire to defend the carrier. Attackers are automatically returned to the bomb room every time they take the ride, and the bomb resets quickly if dropped. The resulting action is a fast-paced air-to-ground sniper battle, reminiscent of AqueousBeaver's Duck Hunt.

Attackers can gain access to a sniper perch where a single player can take some steady shots at the defenders, thinning them out for some easy scores until he is shot down. But to open access, an attacker must hit the bullseye all the way across the map, above the normal Avalanche base. Once that bullseye is hit, the second teleporter is open in the spawn room.

Here's some specifics on the gametype:
-bomb is instantly planted and instantly detonated, resets in 5 seconds if dropped.
-primary weapon is sniper, infinite ammo (defenders have the choice of using a beam rifle)
-instant kills no matter where hit
-o yaa an bom caryr can has purpul

There is one honor rule... if a member of the attacking team is not caught by the teleporter system and winds up with his feet in the snow, go ahead and make use of the teleporter on the ground put there for that purpose. Don't go running around all over the damn place.

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Forge Hub post - more details

Alright, that's about it. Enjoy!!

  • 11.22.2008 6:10 PM PDT

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