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"For the GERMANS" by RapKillaHARDISS on 11.23.2008
"A Time to make Friends" screenshot by RapKillaHARDISS aka HamburGun from FORGING2PERFEKTION
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Subject: Screenshot
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An epic screenshot.
The motto "A Time to make Friends" reminds me of the Soccer World Championship 2006, when Germany was host. Back then, the Germans proved that the new Germany is as demokratized as the United States are.
Nice job, HamburGun!

  • 11.23.2008 7:21 AM PDT
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This is the forged version of the “Bundesadler” of Germany. It’s the coat of arms of Germany reimagined with some friends and me in front of it.

The coat of arms of Germany is described in Wikipedia as: “… one of the oldest extant state symbols of Europe and is one of the oldest insignias in the world. …”
The current version (colour scheme and basic design) was introduced during the Weimar Republic. It is used by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, in the Federal badge (Bundesschild), the Presidential Standard, by federal institutions and on the German 1 Euro coin.

This picture has nothing to do with the Third Reich !
The list of the officials, who use this coat of arms should prove it, since it is forbidden by law and severely punished to show any symbols of the Third Reich in Germany, except for education or science.
I have to state this, because of some people, who seem to not know any better and cling to their prejudices, that everything German has to be linked to the Third Reich, they are so sure about this, they see no need to research and that’s why they will be in their state of knowledge their whole life. These people will not change their opinion, no matter what I write here or if it is the truth or not.

special thanks to: desmotes and Darth Otto
and thx to: Dark shooter5, Ultra Elite0, De Behr, tmp I iKenny and I FC I TF

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  • 11.24.2008 5:58 AM PDT
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  • 11.24.2008 10:05 AM PDT


Nice screenshot how do all you guys make the stuff float in the backround

  • 11.25.2008 8:18 AM PDT

Ron Jeremy is boss

Germans suck ass they never did any good to the world and they are Facist. Everybody should go communist and over take america by force because Communism is way better then Facism and Capitalism

  • 11.25.2008 3:05 PM PDT

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