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"Foundry Tunnels" by HalfBrian on 12.08.2008
Bring your BR. Inspired by Tunnel Raid. Play CTF, or Bomb. Use 'FT' gametypes. Made by HalfBrian.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Foundry Tunnels

This is the non-Conquest/regular version of the map, for use with the "FT" gametypes (see bottom of post). For the Conquest version, see this thread.

Table of Contents:
- Map Description
- Map's creation story/Thanks
- Videos
- Pictures
- Gametypes

Foundry Tunnels is a map that uses the back tunnel in Foundry, as well as creating a new tunnel that snakes around the center partition of the back of Foundry.

Primarily made for Multi-Flag CTF, Neutral Assault, and Conquest, it also supports Team Slayer, and all Flag and Assault gametypes.

It's tight corridors and choke points make for intense and fun gameplay. Due to it's two tunnels, team skills are primary because you need to coordinate your attacks.

FT supports anywhere from 6-10 players, but 3v3 is ideal for Conquest and 4v4 is ideal for all other gametypes.

FT started about a year ago (January 2008) and was worked on for about a month. Then in May, I started again, from scratch, and began to use new forge techniques that had been discovered, such as Geomerging and Interlocking. I "finished" the map in early June and then forgot about it since that version did not have very interesting gameplay. Then, in October, I showed it to Tex (from ForgeHub) and he was impressed and encouraged me to pursue the map. I had test after test, and 2 months later, the final product has finally emerged. Gameplay now is very riveting and fun, and I am proud to release it.

Special thanks to the Forge Hub Tester's Guild for coming to all of my tests. Special thanks to Waylander for helping me one-on-one with spawns and other general stuff, and Transactionzero for making some last-minute suggestions about tweaks to the dome-room and the weapon-set. To all of you that I didn't thank, I'm sorry but this has been such a long process that I can't remember everyone.

Videos: (hosted on YouTube, not H3 downloadable)
Highlight Video
Gameplay Video
Flythrough - Coming Tomorrow
Conquest Flythrough - Coming Tomorrow

For pictures, visit my ForgeHub thread (will post tomorrow) or view the File Set (aka Linked Files) "Foundry Tunnels Screenshots" by going to the top right of the file's page, selecting the drop down and selecting Foundry Tunnels Screenshots.


FT Multi Flag
FT Neutral Bomb
FT One Bomb
FT Multi Bomb
FT One Flag

Reference Gametypes (not made by me):
MLG Team Slayer v5

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  • 12.08.2008 9:28 PM PDT

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Community Reviewers
Reviewer:Conor mc ireland
Map Review-Foundry tunnels

Map Idea: 6.5/10
Map Looks: 8.5/10
Map Gameplay: 10/10
Map Construction: 9/10
Map Features: 9.5/10

Comments:The map idea was not so origional (the back of foundry with another enterance). The looks were decent, especially your custom route to the bases. With all these gametypes l had no choice but to give it a 10/10 (the gameplay plays very well on this map). The construction of your custom route was splendid. The map also had aload of features which really finished the map.

Overall: 8.8/10

~Conor mc ireland
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  • 12.13.2008 12:49 PM PDT
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great map i play it with my freinds all the time

  • 12.15.2008 2:28 PM PDT

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