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"Nuclear Fallout" by Z3R0 SMARTZ on 12.20.2008
The Soviet has done it again... another nuclear disaster. 4 - 16 players
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  • Map: Ghost Town
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i aRe aWesOmE aT foRgE. Look at my fileshare.

So here it is, the long-anticipated Nuclear Fallout map! Debris everywhere, explosions, flying shrapnel, you name it, it's all on this map!

You are an Orbital Shock Drop Trooper (black for stealth) dropped from a Pelican by the UNSC, to fight the ghost. Little did they know that ghosts are impossible to kill, or at least permanently, anyway. It is translucent white (like any normal ghost) and will take a long time to temporarily defeat. Be careful, as pieces of debris fall from the sky randomly. Search the map for more effective weapons against the ghosts. Better weapons are hard to get, and will spawn less frequently. Probably your best choice is to get on top of the wooden tower (yes, there's a wooden tower) with the machine gun turret and kill the ghost before it gets to you. They walk really slowly, so it will be easier, so long as there are less ghosts (one or two). When more ghosts appear, your best bet is to grab a rocket launcher, or spartan laser and KILL KILL KILL! This map is guaranteed to give you an adrenalin rush!

You need to have the custom variant to be able to enjoy this map, otherwise it's not as fun.

Here's my fileshare, so you can check out my other maps. If there's a custom variant under any map, it's the one I made specifically for that map. If you download the map, you will probable want to download the variant for it as well, if you want to enjoy it.

Other maps by me:
Dissection here and its variant here.


P.S. Thanks guys for the great feedback, and then the not-so-great feedback, and then again for the ones that just don't make sense. I'm especially impressed by the fact that i have 2300+ downloads, as I didn't expect it to be this popular. I've gotten so many "awesome map" messages, and so I would just like to say THANKS GUYS, YOU'RE ALL GREAT, more maps and variants coming soon, presumably with the new DLC packs.

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  • 12.24.2008 5:31 AM PDT
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It seems lots of people forgot to comment.

  • 12.24.2008 9:15 AM PDT

alexhughson IS Cosmic Rick.

Holy crap, that's a lot of tags. Including my name (Cosmic Rick) and my organization (The Ghosts of Onyx). Weird that I don't remember having anything to do with the map...

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dude i am thinkingabout downloading this map is it worth it????
on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate it???

  • 01.17.2009 11:22 PM PDT

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