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"scarab" by Nostromo Il on 12.22.2008
when brutes began their final attack on the halos, marines built a blockade and ambushed them. good with one bomb and big teams
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  • Map: Avalanche
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The aim of this map was to find a true ballance between vehicals and pedestrians. That is, vehicals aren't destroyed as soon as you get in them and humans who arn't hepless. I think I've accomplished it on this map with a different wepon set and a focus on light vehicals. Also the Scarab itself acts as an extension of the map and is not the only place where fighting breaks out. This map is of course intended for one bomb.

A few other maps I've made, some of which I put even more effort into, include:

Oasis(sandbox) A slghtly less desolate sandbox. My best creation, plenty of overlaps. Different than normal wepons encourage my favorite forms of gameplay.

Dragon's Mouth(foundry) An attempt at making a map with a working mortar that still plays well. The games are pretty intense.

Out Posts(avalanche) A new and aesymetrical ballance for multi-flag with big teams. Two bases a little closer than normal create an interesting game on avalanche.

Burial Mound(sandbox) A large hill divides the map. Gameplay is very intense as you struggle for controll.

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