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"PS3 vs 360" by Z3R0 SMARTZ on 12.29.2008
For countless years, the epic war between these two consoles has been waged. Finish the fight. PS3 - 360 players
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i aRe aWesOmE aT foRgE. Look at my fileshare.

Please disregard the fact that it's an infection variant. It's the only variant that I could edit the traits of two different groups of players (ie. humans and zombies).

Humans are the Xbox 360s. Zombies are the PS3s (I'm not hating on the PS3s here, they just fit the description as being black).

360s are white. They have the less cooler armor because the PS3 upstages it in that category. PS3s are black. They also have an overshield to make them look shiny and reflective, like the PS3 console.

Xboxes spawn with plasma pistols and will have the opportunity to pick up a Fuel Rod at the beginning of the game. Also when they respawn, but that's only if they commit suicide or the game messes up. Both of these weapons shoot green, because the Xbox lights up green when you turn it on. Also, they will spawn on regenerators, which are also green. The PS3s, however will spawn with blue plasma weapons, playing off the Blu-Ray feature of their system. They will have a Gravity Hammer, and will spawn on Plasma Rifles, with the option to dual wield them. Also on two plasma grenades and a Power Drain. Dang, that's a lot of Blu-Ray!

Because I couldn't find anything wrong with the way the Xbox loads, plays or transfers data, I set the Xboxes as normal speed and gravity. On the other hand, the PS3 has to load almost everything you want to play, and makes gameplay a little slow. That's why the PS3s have 50% speed and 50% gravity.

Xbox console has a way larger online community than the PS3. Therefor the PS3 has a 25% infection total in the beginning. Hmmm, looks like this whole infection thing is going to be pretty convenient after all.

The PS3's controller can connect to the console from up to 75 feet away (I have no freaking clue when the heII that's going to come in handy), but I set the radar for the zombies as 75 meters, just in case. Also, they don't appear on the humans' radars because their console is way quieter in comparison. They also have improved motion detectors on their controllers, so they get the enhanced radar. Sorry, Xbox!

So in a nutshell, I played off the pros and cons of each system and based the players' traits on that. Just to make sure that one team doesn't overpower the other, I evened out each of their stats, to keep things fair.

One round, short amount of time. If all the players on the Xbox team die, then PS3 is the better console. If the Xbox survives, then it is the better console. Try your luck. Which one will win?

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Don't they come out in Fall this year when Halo 3 ODST releases?

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