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"Emerald TwrV2.1" by ResrgntCinerbus on 01.05.2009
Asymmetrical, two-tower map. Compatible with TS, CTF(Team&1-Flag), BALL, & KotH. 4-8 Players.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant
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Emerald Tower v2.1
Created by s90henige (gamertag: ResrgntCinerbus)


-Active Camo moved to Attacker's Ramp to top of Emerald Tower.
-Sniper moved to A-Tower.
-Spartan Laser added to top of Emerald Tower.
-Rockets & Maulers removed.
-Shotgun placed inside furnace, just in front of A-Tower.
-Energy Sword spawns at center of map on middle bridge from ET3 to A2.
-Grenade rearrangement.

Recommended Gametypes:
CTF (Team & One-flag)

Map Description

Weapon Set:

BR (x4/10 sec)
Covenant Carbine (x2/90sec)
Mauler (x2/1 clip/120 sec)
Rocket Launcher (1 clip/180 sec)
Sniper Rifle (1 clip/150 sec)

Plasma Grenade (x8/30 sec)
Frag Grenade (x4/30 sec)
Active Camo (180 sec)

This is my second map posted on Forge Hub & my first asymmetric MLG map. I’ve forged off a few symmetrical maps over the past few months and was looking for a change of scenery. Shortly after completing my first Forge Hub post (MLG Diesel) I began construction on what came to be Emerald Tower (ET).

During initial designing stages, Emerald Tower started with long hallway behind a large wall-like structure (much like the hallway along the back of Halo 2’s Ivory Tower). The large structure in this map is referred to as the ET or the Sniper Tower. The ET itself contains four levels through which players can navigate across the map. Level 1 (Basement Level) of the ET contains one entrance from Long Hallway and two entrances from the center of the map. The Second Level of the ET has four access points: stairs from ET 1, stairs from Long Hall Defenders side, bridge from Defenders Corner, and ledge from Long Hall Attackers’ side. ET 2 allows for movement to pretty much any point on the map. ET 3 is a small rook-like structure erected in the front center of the ET. ET 3’s main purposes are to allow quick access to ET 4 and A-Tower.

ET 4 is the topmost level of the Emerald Tower, and is also where the Sniper Rifle spawns. ET 4 is reachable via three alternate routes: a ramp on either side in each Team Corner and multiple jumps from ET 3 in front. Notable elements of ET 4’s design include little to no cover (there has to be risk in order to obtain the Snipe), and an escape shaft that is located near the Sniper. The shaft was originally designed as a Man Cannon Lift, but usage of said lift was erratic and unpredictable, so the shaft is now used as an escape route for a player on ET 4 under heavy fire.

Now with so much effort and thought put into only 40% of the battlefield, another tower was required to even out game play. In the A-Corner stands a Spiral Tower located directly beneath the foundry crane and opposite the Emerald Tower. A-Side Level 1 (Basement) is where Defenders spawn in most game variants. Just outside of A-Tower, near the center of the map, stands a tall box pillar with a furnace-like appearance. This “furnace” is where the Rocket Launcher spawns. A bridge between the “furnace” and A-Tower allows for jumps from A1 to A2.

The two towers took about a week to complete and left me with little inspiration for completing the Team Corners. The Team Corners took the last 2 and-some-odd weeks of my life away from me over the past month. After going through 2 different structures (that’s 2 different Blue Corners and 2 different Red Corners) I was finally happy with what I had completed. Both corners are easily accessible from Basement Level, & each provides alternate routes through ramps, bridges, and jumps to every other part of the map. Now even though they are presented with simple construction, the Team Corners of Emerald Tower are essential elements to the fluid & competitive game play of the map.

With clean interlocking and geomerges, Emerald Tower stands alone in its creativity and overall presentation. Some pictures apply to ETv2.0 and some ETv2.1.

DL, play, rate, and comments are greatly appreciated.

  • 01.11.2009 7:41 PM PDT

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