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"Recalcitrance" by Cosmic Rick on 01.02.2009
4-12 players. Attack the stubbornly resistant energy relay station in asymmetric gametypes, slayer, or landgrab. By Cosmic Rick
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alexhughson IS Cosmic Rick.


Download Recalcitrance

Recalcitrance Logo:

Map Haiku:

Learn the many paths
High-ground control: essential
Kick some ass, my friends

Map Overview:

Recalcitrance is a sort of spiritual successor to Kentucky Tango and Elation, two of my better-received older objective maps. It features what I hope are a number of innovative items, from a 'spidery' layout, to interesting vehicle spawns, to novel territory placement. There's not much to say about the map that can't be said better with pictures, so scroll down for some gems. My main suggestion is to learn the map. It has a relatively low learning curve compared to some of my other maps *cough* Heat Sink *cough*, but it's still modestly complex. Oh, and make sure you use those grav-lifts on the raised fence-walls near the back of the map. They'll help a lot in objective games.

Suggested Gametypes:

1-Bomb - 8-12 players - it's a little difficult to plant the bomb, but man does it feel good when you finally make it.
Landgrab - 6-10 players - Make sure you know your strategy before the game starts, there's a lot of ways to get to the 7 territories.
1-Flag - 8-12 players - Try to be tricky when you're scaling the base or you'll be gunned down with ease.
Team KotH - 6-10 players - Know your escape routes in case you come under heavy fire.
2v2v2v2 Mongoose/Snipers - 4 or 6 or 8 players - Just have each team grab a goose, put on sniper spawns, and start blasting. Fun for the whole family.

Quick Maps:

Floor One

Floor Two


I've probably spent more time on this map than any other to date. I feel like it takes the best aspects of Kentucky Tango and Elation, some of my old favorites, and combines them for a great game experience. Here're some of the things I like about the map:

-The Short-Port: The two teleporters near the attacker's base serve as a tactical pathway from side-to-side. Land grab makes good (I think) use of this little feature.
-Territory Separation: In Land Grab, the two teams are separated at their spawns by carefully placed territories. You can only capture one from either side, and they effectively block the back passageway.
-Tactical Jumps and Grav-Lift Usage: They're Important. Even more important than on High Ground.
-Sexy Geomerging: This is the first map where I've taken is seriously. You shouldn't lose too many grenades here.
-Lines-Of-Sight Variation: I this the map offers a little bit of everything. You can feel like you're in a shooting gallery if you make a bad move on the ground floor, while the height variations in the base itself lend themselves to interesting firefights.


A corner of the map
This is near the back of the map (from the attackers' spawns). It's a nice little place to hide and catch your breath or grab a mauler and mongoose and start rollin'.

Fancy Box Merge
These boxes near the attackers base each house a sniper rifle for use by the attackers. You'll need them. And also the cover.

This is one of the main structure's 'arms' They're the sneakiest way into the base, if you've got a grav-lift.

Bomb Plant Room
This is where the defenders spawn and where the bomb plant point is (along with a KotH hill and a Territory if you're playing landgrab, which I recommend). Be sure to watch all the doors.

The Pool
This is a pool which sits in the middle of the "back room" in the defensive base. It has 2 shafts leading downward to the ground floor... another sneaky way into the base. But be careful when bringing the bomb up this way, it's got a habit of rolling.

The Tunnel
This is one of those tunnels I just spoke of. Kind of a death-trap if too many people get involved.

Invis Spawn
This is the invisibility spawn. You can also see the hammer spawn in the distance (the open box). As you can see, the bottom level is pretty open, but if you're crafty enough, you probably won't get killed.

Final Words:

Well, hopefully this won't be my last map. It's too much fun makin' 'em. Thanks to the countless testers and to anyone who let me bounce ideas off them. I 'preciates it.

Download Recalcitrance

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  • 01.05.2009 9:05 PM PDT
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First POST!!!!1!11 lol

The testing of this map was amazing and I look forward to more from you.

  • 01.05.2009 9:13 PM PDT
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  • Exalted Mythic Member

Destiny awaits. And it will be great.

Another addition to an already astounding map portfolio. This map is as impressive and epic as they come, and I'm sure it won't be leaving my hard drive. You have quite the knack for mapmaking, and I truly envy your skill and ability and the dedication you put into each map you create. Great job, and keep the maps coming! You're reppin' the CO, and we Coloradoans need to keep tight control of the epic map market.

This will be the third time I've gone Cosmic.

  • 01.05.2009 9:18 PM PDT
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Put the Head on it

no offense but the recalcitrance logo SUCKS BIG TIME
but the map is very good because is very hard to make it symetrical
8/10 even I expected best from u
keep it nice!

  • 01.08.2009 4:07 PM PDT

I love this map so much, wonderful job

  • 01.31.2009 1:22 PM PDT

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