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"007: complex" by on 01.10.2009
After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending munitions to space were soon abandoned. 4-12 players
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Created by the von
supported players 4-12

Supported Gametypes:
base map foundry

007: complex

Well one of my favorite past times was playing 007 golden eye on the N64 with my brothers. I thought I could bring these fun times back with a remake of one of the favorite maps, complex.
So any ways, this is my 2nd attempt at forging a map, and it’s my first post. I used every one of the forging techniques in forging 101, except the money glitch and I had problems with glitching with the map geometry. I tried to make this map as accurate to the original as possible, while also having smooth surfaces for game play. As for looks, I tried to make things neat as possible, but I’d rather sacrifice game play for looks. For example, I placed a grav lift in place of putting up extra walls to block a section of the map (on the small BR tower). But in most instances the map looks neat.
As for game play, this map is tuned up for all game types. Territories, Bomb spawn, Bomb arming spots, Flag spawn etc. are all placed in according areas.
The original is very close to this, yet there are a few differences. The key difference is the teleporter. Obviously Foundry has limits. So I could not fit the map in the areas that I wanted. So I stretched the pole room, so that the loft/teleporter would meet up. The ramp leading from the pit to the loft would come up underneath the loft in golden eye, but once again I could not make foundry work that perfect.
Spawns are in the original areas, yet I had to add some. The reason being, according to, there are only 7 original spawns in complex. So I thought we could advance slightly. So game types that apply; there are starting spawns, especially ffa slayer so that the players are separated.
Weapons are placed in similar areas, but for halo sake I put different weapons in different areas, but kept High Power weapons in the same spot. Golden Gun\remote mine are in same places. I remember proximity mines were my favorite game type with this map, so I put in a trip mine. One proximity mine (trip mine) is in the golden gun room. Along with the mine, the sniper spawns there. Rockets spawn in the lower loft side room, only 2 shots available though. I tried to keep the rest of the weapons separated, and in areas that were points of emphasis.
There is no extra/separate game type, because I built this map with the original halo3 game play in mind so that you don’t have to take up your precious custom item limit. So go crazy, try it out, show it to your friends, and don’t be afraid to tell me where I went wrong. Things can always be fixed. Feel free to make your own modifications to this map! Give me a little credit please :D I spent some time on this one.

watch video here

In conclusion, i tried to keep it as similar to the original as possible, while keeping the halo 3 original slayer rules in mind. It works with all gametypes. hope you have fun!

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